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Advanced Techniques for Timing of Events in Vedic Astrology

The ages of maturity of the planets as well as the houses in Vedic astrology are of great importance when it comes to deriving the probable times of fructification of matters. These can be further combined with certain conspicuous aspects in horoscopes as we illustrate in this article: specifics in the Charakaraka Chakra can entail massive changes in life in the areas governed.

People are generally quite enamoured of the Vimshottari Dasha as a tool for timing in the current climes. While this Dasha system is astute for the Kaliyuga, we have oftentimes insisted that the other stalwart Dasha systems explained by Maharshi Parashara in the main, and by others, must be used as well, quite often independently of the Vimshottari Dasha. Leading examples are the conditional Dasha systems which operate only in stated circumstances obtaining in the horoscope and Dashas such as the Tithi Ashtottari Dasha, used in Hindu annual horoscope, or the Tithi Pravesha Cakra analyses.

The Padakrama Dasha or the Narayana Dasha is understood to be the king of the Dashas for the reason that it explains the deterministic and fated circumstances rather than the societal and emotional stimuli that hold sway over the Nakshatra based Dasha systems like the Vimshottari Dasha.

But let us quickly revert to the opening premise. In one case, the unfolding of Karma in the Vedic horoscope was being evaluated through the Charakarakas. Discerning readers will recall our writing on the subject and extensive use in consulting as well. In the given case, there was a Charakaraka (CK) replacement occurring. This happens when two or more Grahas are at the same degree of longitude of arc traversed, and the difference is only between the minutes or seconds of arc.

Charakarakas, it needs to be remembered, are the soul level indicators of various matters in life and are listed in descending order based on their longitude irrespective of the signs, from the Atmakaraka (AK) to the Darakaraka (DK).

The AK is the King of any horoscope, according to Parashara, and indicates the self of the person at the soul level. It is the primary Karmic identity of the person in this lifetime, and an extremely potent indicator of what is coming by way of unexpended Karma with the soul. A brief description of the CK is given below for immediate reference as to the primary function of the Charakarakas:

- [ ] AK: Soul, Identity, King when it comes to Karma
- [ ] AmK (Amatya): Work, career, profession, colleagues and any connected matter
- [ ] BK (Bhratri): Siblings, guiding philosophy, Guru
- [ ] MK (Matri): Mother
- [ ] PiK (Pitri): Father, elders, authorities
- [ ] PK (Putra): Progeny, followers, disciples
- [ ] GK (Jnati): Community
- [ ] DK (Dara): Relationships

In the given horoscope one of the planets involved in the replacement was Rahu, the north node of the Moon. The individual was adept with Jyotisha work and frequently examined his own horoscope from time to time. We were informed that close to the forty fourth year after birth, he chanced upon this aspect of the horoscope for the very first time. Of course, the various astrologers who had happened to examine the horoscope had also not pointed out this aspect. Without entering into the query as to whether the said examiners were privy to this aspect of Jyotisha or not, we can readily appreciate the working of Karma in the event that has transpired.

The Nodes mature between 42-45 years of age and Rahu especially matures at 44 or 45 years of age. Rahu, in the said horoscope was so adamant on concealing this fundamental change in life till his own maturity age.

Charakarakas indicate the experience at the soul level in various areas of life and we know, in Hinduism, everything is but the Karma which the soul must discharge through birth and death. Rahu in the given horoscope, through the replacement will overtake the Graha responsible for certain matters in the horoscope and needless to say, this will completely alter the scenario in these two chosen realms in life. In this case, we know that the change is going to manifest externally as well in the form of events pertaining to life areas that are impacted by the two Grahas in the same degree.

In a soul level alteration, the newly arriving planet will begin to indicate the realm in accordance with its own significations rather than those of the Graha which was ruling them hitherto. The timing of the change, as we have seen in this case was guided by the maturity of Rahu. Sometimes this can happen with a change in Dasha and thus the dynamics associated with it. At other times, this can happen with the maturity of a Bhava reckoned from the Lagna.

Now, let us assume that a fundamental change such as this influences the career. Can it not be one of the most important events in life to have the soul level Karma completely alter the scenario and at the time indicated by the rampant Graha arriving with its tail up.

At the more rarefied realms in classical Jyotisha (Vedic astrology) we know that such a development can influence the Arudha Pada in significant ways and so the very framework of all life henceforth can change. This is a step up and beyond from cases where one becomes a Karmayogi or some event completely changes areas of life that are influenced by such a development.

What do we mean by a step up and beyond? Sometimes, when such an event influences the Pada heavily, the changes of the type enumerated above, will be transcended and the resultant life environment itself, in all areas of manifestation in social and financial life will be a novel one. While it is true that the specialised advanced work on the Arudha Pada commenced in 2016 does not envisage these increasingly subtle correlations, developments such as these when identified by us in horoscopes studied, compel us to visualise such associations becoming a part of elevated work at some point in the future.

When we were ruminating on this, another horoscope we had seen years back came to mind where the BK and MK have such a CK replacement in the offing. We cannot say much here except that we feel this too is about to happen based on the age of maturity of the planets involved. Further, the overarching impact on the Pada (Arudha Lagna or the Arudha Chakra) is also a certainty in the chart we have in mind. What will happen? Life will become unrecognisable from what it has been thus far, in actual fact. All references with which recognition has been accorded to the precious areas in life must factor in a sea-change. Unless one is acutely aware of workings of Karma in this manner, the core attributes cannot be identified which is a serious problem.

It is a serious problem because when such a major change occurs at the soul-level in manifest areas of life, which govern immediate human experience, it is very difficult to assimilate in the absence of proper guidance. To make it explicit, BK will involve siblings, and just in case there are none, then the guiding philosophy of life; tinkering with the life fabric of a sibling, or losing one's religion, neither can be deemed an easy experience. On the other scale is the MK- the mother or the nourisher of life.

This is simply the tip of the iceberg. What will actually happen simply from this perspective, will vary from case to case, and if we include the Arudha Pada, then the picture becomes a vast, elaborate one which must be deciphered in order for life to be understood, visualised and appreciated in its correct, renewed contours.

Anurag Sharma
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