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|Nama Shivaya|

The attention-deficit disorder proves, in its milder forms, to be a major irritant in communication. The person suffering veers of on his own tangent and leaves the speaker utterly at a loss. In close relations, this can be both bemusing and amusing.

On the other side, however, is the disorder being suffered by the person himself. There can be a sense of locked tension, heaviness and stress while trying to focus. It is one’s thought that similar issues relate to dyslexia albeit from a different perspective and reference point.

Deficit and lack in general are governed by Saturn. Attention and the capability to impart attention to any subject of enquiry are governed by the Lagna Lord/ Paka Lagna or the sign of the placement of the Lagna Lord/ lord of the Ascendant of the Rashi Chakra.

The association of Saturn with the Lagna Lord can lead to a lack of focus in attention. A simultaneous association of another planet/ Graha with the Lagna Lord could lead to the mind veering off into another direction totally at the same time. If the Moon is similarly afflicted then the problem can certainly show up as the social or inter-personal cognizance at the level of feelings can also be similarly detached leading to further removal from the immediate circumstance.

If the Lagna Lord is strong and the Yoga occurs in a good Bhava, then this problem can be perceived, recognised and resolved. Sometimes the Yogas are complicated and there may be more to it than meets the eye. The pressures and lack of immediate awareness may only be a precursor to higher awareness later.

This can also manifest as incorrect decision making in Karmically adverse times, as depicted by the Moola Dasha and Mahadasha in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme. If the Atmakaraka and the Lagna Lord are involved in such combinations by way of planetary curses, then the awareness and recognition will be slow and difficult to come by and might require painstaking remedial measures and/ or burning of the Karma through experience.

Interestingly, the blessings and their awareness may also be difficult to appreciate though they may be giving exactly opposite experiences in the positive domain, due to the affliction of the Lagna Lord.

Both manifest in the example chart below:


Similar issues occur in the following chart:



It is one’s feeling that dyslexia and other such issues arise with similar impact on Mercury/ Budh.

A quick compendium of remedial measures/ Upaya follows:

  • If the affliction occurs through the phenomenon of the planetary curse/ Shrapa and involves both the Lagna Lord and the Atmakaraka, probably the better Moola Dasha will bring the remedies and till then the person may be lost in the quagmire of the issue as he will identify himself with the trouble and not appreciate that it is happening to him. In any case, the Jyotirlinga Mantra would be the best choice;
  • If only the Lagna Lord is so afflicted, then the relevant Aditya Mantra would be the best choice. According to me, as it is a personal issue, the Aditya should be based on the Bhava/ house occupied by the Lagna Lord;
  • Vyasadeva Mantras for the malefics give wonderful results, albeit with the passage of some time;
  • The luminaries, being the source of light, and also because Chandra/ the Moon is important even otherwise, some attention needs to be given to this facet and will depend on the nature of the Rashi Chakra;
  • Tattwa issues can be related to such problems in the nativity and should be addressed according to the Tattwa indicating imbalance.

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