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The Vipreeta Raja Yoga is usually defined in the primers on Jyotish. But it is often not defined astutely. These texts define it as the lords of Dusthanas, and that too, the 6th, 8th and 12th houses placed in one of these houses save the one they lord. This is not a good definition.

The correct definition is that Vipreeta Raja Yoga is formed not only by the placement of Dusthana lords in the Dusthana Bhavas but also by their Yoga with each other, even in Trikona and Kendra from the Lagna Bhava.

The working of the Yoga is unique in that it is a Rajayoga  but accrues only after initial suffering, adversity and hardship. In this it is somewhat aligned with the Kalika Yoga if formed in the 4th, 10th and 11th Houses. The difference is one of degree. In the case of Kalika Yoga, destruction caused by Kali ensues. When destruction has run its course, great benefits and victories happen, if the Yoga is in the 4th, 10th and the 11th Bhavas.
It is possible that a Vipreeta Raja Yoga might also be a Kalika Yoga.
The adversity and the peculiarity happens because of the term Vipreeta which means opposite or reverse. The teachings of Pandit Sanjay Rath can be profitably accessed in this regard.
In the Kendra or Trikona, the Vipreeta Raja Yoga will happen along with the downfall of a friend or someone positively inclined to the Jatak while in a Dusthana an adversary will suffer. The Grahas conjoined the Yoga suffer in their significations badly as the churning of the negative energies encompasses them.
The benefits of this Yoga in the material sense are startling for their quanta and quality, especially as they are viewed against the backdrop of the terrible circumstances that have preceded them. If the Grahas forming the Yoga in the Quadrants or Trines to the Ascendant are not strong in Rashi and Navamsha, the Yoga will fizzle out quickly and will not be sustainable due to the intensity. Likewise if the Grahas causing the Yoga in the evil Bhavas, including the 3rd from the Lagna, are not weak in Rashi and Navamsha, the Yoga cannot be sustained and will deflate from its awkward and sudden promise. If the planets are strong and weak as required then the Yoga can confer terrific material bounty.
A naturally malefic planet as a Yogakaraka for the chart can also confer suo moto Vipreeta Raja Yoga and does not need another Grahas to accomplish this provided it is placed in Dusthana. Examples could be Mangal for Simha Lagna and Shani for Tulā Lagna or Vṛṣabha Lagna placed in bad houses. Again, Grahas should not be joined or else the negative energy can destroy their Karakattwa.
The Yoga is astonishing in its intensity and basic inexplicability. Of course reasons for the success shall be present but basically there is a quality of astonishment in the working of the Yoga, both the terrible trials and the terrific attainments.
We should understand these matters also from the basic dominance of the Bhāvas. If the 6th Bhāva is in focus, the Yoga will come in service or such signification; if in the 8th House the Yoga could mean an inheritance or a legacy or a windfall; in the 12th Bhāva it could relate to success in a foreign land. Some such facets could also be present in other Bhāvas where such Dusthāna lords are dominant based on the Bhāva lordship of the malefic.


  1. Hi,

    Excellent info! :)

    Just a small question shouldn't it be Tula/Vrishabha Lagna for Saturn in the quote below?

    "Examples could be Mangal for Simha Lagna and Shani for Makar Lagna placed in bad houses. "

    Reason: I'm Tula Lagna myself. :)

  2. Excellent Article! :)

    Would be great if you could help out with this doubt.

    In the quotes below, Shouldn't it be Vrishabha/Tula Lagna for Saturn instead of Makar Lagna?

    "Examples could be Mangal for Simha Lagna and Shani for Makar Lagna placed in bad houses."

    Reason: I'm myself a Tula lagna native with Sa+Me in 12th house running Ve-Sa dasa bhukti and hence the worry.

  3. Thank you. Yes, that is correct and was originally a typographical error. One has corrected it now to read for the two Lagnas for which Śani is a Yogakāraka Graha.


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