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Some astrological estimate can be arrived at for a given year based on transits for that year, especially of certain slower Grahas which yield more discernible effects. Usually periodicals, newspapers and glossies come out with ‘forecasts’ and these appear to be tentatively based on the Sun signs and that too as arrived in the framework of the Western Zodiac. The Western Zodiac might not really be astronomically correct.

Therefore, to give a brief but more astrologically authentic glimpse to readers, a very basic look at the year ahead is given below. This is based primarily on the Janma/ Chandra Rashi, where the Moon is placed in the natal Rashi Chakra. If you do not know it, do not despair. This can be applied to the natal Sun sign as well, but as calculated in the Indian system. If you do not know your Hindu/ Vedic Sun sign, still do not despair. (Have you witnessed so much optimism in recent times?) A simple method is to move one sign back from your so-called Western Sun sign. Say, you are Gemini by the Western Method, you should go more by the description for Taurus, or you can read both.

The description is also equally valid for the Lagna and the Arudha Lagna if you should know these signs. If you do not, refer to the paragraph above, especially about not despairing.

The fact of the matter is that specific annual propensities are only doubtlessly enunciated and explained by the Gochar/ transit when the natal horoscope is evaluated first and the annual charts are also studied subsequently. Having said that, the broad based transit influences for 2007 are based in authentic Jyotish principles and will hold true to whatever extent witnessed by a specific nativity. It is in that light that they must be read.

Mesha/ Aries: As the year starts the lord of this sign is placed with Jupiter in its own sign Scorpio and this is an auspicious Yoga. This can bring a forthright tenor to the beginning of the year, wisdom, clarity of thought and material abundance. It can also bring speculation and sudden events. The transit Moon is exalted in the 2nd House as the 4th Lord indicating a happy atmosphere at home at the beginning of 2007. Saturn and Rahu are both not problematic for finances at the beginning of the year though the Chitta/ inner peace can suffer during the year. As Shani will come back to the 4th House, this can alter the thinking making it somewhat reluctant and pressured. If career and the flow of life feels impeded Saturn remedies could help. Recourse and remedy lies in personal effort towards greater understanding, spirituality, remedial measures and the occult.

Vrishabh/ Taurus: The exalted Moon tenants your Rashi at the beginning of the year bringing a psychological feel-good effect largely stemming from optimistic following the plans and desires. The spouse will be a pillar of support throughout the year and will consistently offer sage advice and auspiciousness. This is important as the advice and association with the worthy spouse in personal life, and with partners of good intent in business life, breaks the adverse Yoga of uncontrolled passions and desires. Guard against mental overwork and anxieties and blood complaints as this armour is being broken by the initial Shani-Ketu Yoga. This will soon dissipate in January, so only those with these symptoms need to take note.

Throughout the year, Saturn gives a lot of drive and Parakrama to overcome obstacles. The Lagna Lord Shukra is in the 9th House generating Bhagya Yoga for auspiciousness, luck and fortune.

Mithun/ Gemini: For those with Arudha Lagna in Mithun Rashi, this can be a time to reap Rajayoga and material upliftment if the same is promised by the natal horoscope. The year can be a crowning glory as far as professional and societal attainments are concerned. For those who do not have ripe and favorable Karma waiting, Saturn can bring bad and irregular meals. Please guard against a careless lifestyle, dissipating accumulated wealth, over-indulgence in junk food and drink and the like. Pay attention to the marriage and personal interaction. Vitality may be low at the beginning of the year and carelessness and not paying attention to important things can create fissures. The trials and mental lessons of the past 7 years are coming to fruition now. Lord Shani is ending his Sade-Sati for this Chandra Rashi and this is the time of gear up to enrich the personality to the most as Saturn prepares to leave. It has been a time of continual challenges and you can expect to breathe easier after late July, 2007.

Karka/ Cancer: People with Karka Rashi are right in the midst of their Sade-Sati and have been feeling the white-hot phase of their past Karma coming back to educate them, enlarge the personality and to outgrow that which is no longer needed. The focus will shift from acutely personal factors to finances and career matters after July. Lack of adequate social opportunity and participation may be challenging facets and remedial measures for the tests that confront the native ought to be undertaken. This is especially so because Rahu can bring some events not really contemplated due to its location in the 8th House. Those with Karka Arudha Lagna or Lagna in Karka Rashi can also note these. Jupiter promises access to correct Mantra and spiritual sources. It can also bring help from those placed in powerful positions.

Simha/ Leo: For those with Arudha Lagna in Simha, the placement of Ketu in Lagna can bring spiritual impulses and challenges in the social arena. Till July 24, 2007 especially these indications can be quite stressful as Saturn conjoins Ketu, the node robbing the mind of its nectar. The Sade-Sati for this Chandra Rashi has also been going on and can be expected to intensify after July, 2007. Suitable precautionary measures ought to be taken to guard against the trials imposed by their own Karma and brought by the transit of Shani. For this Lagna and Arudha Lagna, this is also a Kantak Shani period even if Sade-Sati is not going on in their charts and social and career issues with financial pressures might be felt. The home can be a source of succor and comfort as it is blessed by Jupiter.

Kanya/ Virgo: The sudden seriousness and pressures in life have been brought by the entry of Shani in Simha Rashi. These indications can be alleviated till July, 2007 as Saturn will retrograde back into Cancer. It is best to take a pointer from the impulses and experiences if these past couple of months to gear up psychologically for the social, emotional and financial issues that might crop up based on the Yogas in the natal chart. Displacement, character concerns and issues of intimacy, marriage and personal life might crop up. Once again, for these Rashis under the Karmic scrutiny of Shani, it is best if the natives can guard themselves by appropriate remedial measures and propitiating Shani.Rahu in the 6th will give a lot of resilience.

Tula/ Libra: Natives with their Arudha Lagna falling in this Rashi and those whose radix shows that this is a time for the fructification, can expect Bhoga Marga to come their way. Success in this year on social, material and financial fronts is quite likely with this transit of Rahu in Trikona. Kantak Shani has been going on for the past two years and will continue till July so the reading is altered to that extent. The New Year starts with Chandra in the Marana Karaka Sthana so wrong decisions in career and incorrect ways of working should be guarded against. With foresight and sanity these severe pitfalls can be avoided as Chandra is exalted in the 8th House. This is especially so as Guru gives Argala to Lagna bringing inputs that give good advice, good food and sensible actions as far as they pertain to movable assets.

Vrishchik/ Scorpio: The first half of the year will be auspicious. If people with this Lagna are running the Vimshottari Dasha of a well-placed Guru, the health can improve greatly. Go for that change in personal health regime now. Medication and medical attention will bring good results in this period. Overall life can be infused with positives. These personal factors ought to be fully used to fight doubt, fears and suspicions in the heart, at home and in the domestic environment. Watch these significations closely and as soon as they threaten to arrive, examine them with wisdom and knowledge to see of they are even worthy of attention or have just come to torment the mind. The latter half of the year can bring work related pressures and financial issues but these can be mitigated by living with Brihaspati rather than the hysteria of Rahu.

Dhanu/ Sagittarius: Foreign angles and overcoming the lemons that have been handed form the themes for the year. Associating with overseas contacts can yield a rich harvest. The mind and emotional health can appear to break the shackles of that which appears to be destined. Desires are fine in incarnate life but these can be tempered with a quiet sense of satisfaction when success is attained rather than rushing headlong blindly into the next venture without enjoying what one has achieved. Otherwise beauty and aesthetic focus starts the year off.

Makar/ Capricorn: Just as for Dhanu natives, and even more so, for Makar, especially for those running Shukra Dasha for Makar Lagna, this can be an excellent month overall. All the abundance of Shukra, luxuries, conveyances, those decorative changes you’ve been planning can all fall into place now. If you’ve been thinking on these lines, this is the ideal time to go and make these changes. Just as these past couple of months have been problematic, and they herald similar troubles after July, 2007 so you can use the Venusian things early in the year. Kantak Shani runs in the chart after July and career may be affected due to sudden events. Guard against this and undertake remedial measures if things get oppressive. Rahu can give compulsive eating problems so if you are anorexic or suffer from bulimia, be very careful. Alcohol consumers should watch their drinks and generally those with psychological vulnerabilities regarding substance abuse should be very cautious of these weaknesses. If they are trying to overcome these or the smoking habit, a relapse can occur unless they are careful. Group therapies, associating with tradition and those in the know of esoteric secrets can be beneficial. Friends can also help provided they are Sattwic, heavy and phlegmatic.

Kumbha/ Aquarius: This can prove to be one of the best years in recent times if the natal chart should show and support this conclusion. For people with Arudha Lagna in this Rashi, these indications are heightened. Saturn moves into a good position till July when marriage and partners can pose areas of concern. Career and work areas are excellent and starting with sheer confidence and authentic ambition, the year can mature into a period that brings fame and appreciation in work. It’s a happy home as the year starts and the idea ought to be to keep it that way when questions are asked later in the year in this area. If the Arudha Lagna is tenanted by this Rashi, then work can prove to be a life area that will bring fame and rise in society.

Meena/ Pisces: Basically this year will prove to be quite lucky and the fortune will come due to the decisions taken by the self, therefore, the joyous feelings would be accompanied by reality which will only accentuate the happiness. Power and association with the highly placed, as too Karma Yoga with a sense of direction and purpose starts the year. Avoid falsehood as Jupiter will expose this if this Rashi tenants the Arudha Lagna. Saturn transits are not adverse for this Rashi and Rahu can cause undesirable expenditure; but then you might be very attached to what

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