Sunday, May 14, 2006

Customised Composite Chart Analysis Including Detailed Chart Analysis, Annual Chart Analysis and Remedial Measures Consultancy

Vedic Astrology Consultant's Note:

This Analysis has been composed in view of the requirements of the Jatak. It includes the use of timing devices/ Dashas like the Narayan Dasha and the Vimshottari Dasha. The Analysis details the use of crucial Yogas in delineating life patterns, Yogas both from the Lagna and from the Arudha Lagna. The Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga from the Lagna and the Sadhu Yoga from the Arudha Lagna are examples. The central importance of the doorway of societal life seen from the 7th House from the Arudha Lagna has also been discussed.

In addition the esoteric aspect of the Curses in the chart that can make or mar life by their absence or presence, the timing of the same through the Moola Dasha and the remedial measures have all been incorporated to make this a holistic and exhaustive Jyotish exercise.

The present Karmic propensities have been studied through the casting and Analysis of the Hindu Tithi Pravesha Chakra and the timing of events has been done through the Tithi Ashtottari Dasha. The use of Bhavas and Arudha Padas has also been illustrated.

The examination of the physical ability to procreate and the issue of infertility has been studied from certain Arudha Padas in the Rashi Chakra and then examined through the Saptamsha Chakra.

The Devatas/ deities such as the Ishta Devata, Palan Karta and the Dharma Devata have also been determined from the Navamsha Chart.

Dear Mr. ABC,

Let us look first at the Rashi Chakra which is the chart showing life at the physical level and in many ways is the main chart from which all the Varga Chakra emerge, the latter charting out the various specific areas of life. In the Rashi Chakra, Virgo/ Kanya Lagna rises. This is the 1st House of the chart. Virgo is ruled by Budh/ Mercury and is an exacting Rashi in that it makes for precision, high degree of mental attention to whatever the native/ Jatak does in life and a lot of thought processes and rationalization contribute to the quest for personal perfection.

The Lagna Lord Mercury ruling the self, present, circumstances of birth, overall application of innate intelligence/ the Dhi Shakti, the body, head and the personality is very well placed in the 9th House. The 9th House relates to Bhagya/ fortune and is the strongest Trikona/ trine when reckoned from the Lagna/ the 1st house. The 9th House shows the Prarabdha or the sum total of the past Karma. The placement of the Lagna Lord in this house makes the chart amenable to Dharma/ righteous activity, the capability of following sage advice, the highest levels of mental thoughts, higher education, foreign travel and the like. On the one hand this shows luck and fortune in life, and on the other, when less than desirable circumstances visit, as they must at some point or the other, the Lagna Lord will protect the life with Dharma and correct thought and action.

The Lagna Lord is not alone in the 9th House but is placed with the 9th Lord Venus and the Sun. This gives rise to several combinations or Yogas in the 9th House. The Yoga of the Lagna Lord and the 9th Lord Venus shows the Lakshmi Yoga which promises the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi ensuring abundance of wealth and material riches even as the Jatak himself becomes fortunate and a high achiever. The planets involved are Mercury and Venus and so this shall come through intellect, rationale, communication, observation, learning, trade, commerce, observation, society, the Hedonistic impulse, luxury and other such fortunate life qualities and circumstances as the Lagna Lord and Venus are both natural and functional benefics for the chart.

The significations stated above belong to Mercury/ Budh and Venus/ Shukra, the planets being the Naisargika Karaka or natural significators for the same. Mercury is, however, retrograde. Retrograde/ Vakri Grahas tend to have a lot of energy to try and accomplish objectives and this has been referred to as Cheshta Bala in the Jyotish/ Hindu astrological classics. This always involved effort and unusual situations as high energies and efforts are usually required to surmount challenges and obstacles. Therefore, the positive and fortunate results detailed above will come only after a lot of self-exertion and effort. Things will tend to work out after taking their own time and in the process life will ensure that the personality and self of the native, shown by Budh, is being polished to a shine. As the Vimshottari Dasha of the Lagna Lord Budh ran from birth to 21.7.1992, these indications would have been fully felt in adolescence.

The Vimshottari Dasha is a timing device to determine how the native is interpreting and responding to life stimuli at a mental level or in a framework of mental/ psychological perception. The retrograde Lagna Lord placed in great strength would have given both the need to do things and re-do them, as too the immense positives that accrue from such attention to details and effort. Some more effects in the aforementioned period from childhood to adolescence can be gleaned from the fact that Mercury is also the 10th Lord of the chart. The 10th Lord rules the 10th House of Karma, work, status, and the areas of life that are at the zenith or where we tend to shine as individuals. The 10th House indicates sunrise and the highest point of the chart. It is the most potent of the Quadrant houses from the Lagna, namely the 1st, 4th, 7th and the 10th. These are the vary foundations or pillars upon which the edifice of individual life rests.

The Yoga, then, of the 10th Lord Mercury and the 9th Lord Venus forms one of the most auspicious and celebrated combinations in Hindu Jyotish. This is the Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga. The Yoga makes the person very sincere and diligent in whatever he may take up. It imparts an element of the sacred to work due to the 9th Lord of Dharma and the 10th Lord of Karma being conjoined together. This Yoga occurs in the 9th House of fortune and, therefore, is rendered all the more potent. As the Yoga occurs with the close conjunction of both the Lagna Lord Mercury and the 9th Lord Venus, the results will certainly be felt. The Jatak with this Yoga has been described as being dutiful and a high achiever.

However, these qualities as described are pertinent from the view point of the metaphysical realities of the native. In other words, they show the reality rather than what is necessarily visible. Visibility and the tangible features of life cannot be seen from the houses and planets when reckoned from the Lagna. The Mayik and tangible features of life are divined from the Arudha Pada. The Arudha Pada are the risen and manifest features of life. They stem from the Bhavas/ houses and the planets from the Lagna but are reflections of the houses. It is the reflections that are seen in life, even by us, and the reality is only the substratum from which all the perceived reality appears and is precipitated to captivate our senses.

The Sun in the 9th House with the Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga as the 12th Lord of the chart points at the need for the significations of the 12th House to enter life in order for the beneficial Yogas to fructify. The 12th House stands for the Ashram or the house of the Guru. The Guru or the spiritual counselor is seen from the 9th House. The 4th House is indicative of the home. The 12th House is the 4th from the 9th House and shows the 'house of the Guru' which is the Ashram.

On a broader theme, the placement of the Sun shows the need for spiritual inputs as the 12th House also shows spirituality. This is particularly relevant and even important in the light of the Sadhu Yoga in the chart as taught by Maharshi Jaimini. The Arudha Lagna is the Arudha Pada of the Lagna. It shows those features of the real personality that can be perceived by us and those around us. It shows the image and the perceptions surrounding the native. Needless to say, the Arudha Lagna is one of the most crucial determinants when studying manifest and visible life. The Arudha Lagna in this chart is placed in Capricorn/ Makar Rashi in the 5th House from the Lagna. The 5th House from the Lagna shows our Poorva Punya or the good deeds done in the past lives.

But Makar is a dark sign ruled by Shani/ Saturn indicating our sins and other Karma that have led to rebirth. The lord of the Arudha Lagna, Shani, will make for the dominant perceptions about the native in this lifetime. Makar is a practical, hardworking and conservative sign. These attributes are taken from Shani. There is also an element of rigidity and inflexibility in the personality when evaluated or understood by others. However, due to the Rashi Drishti/ sign aspects of the Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga and the Sun from the 9th House to the Arudha Lagna, the perceptions of people will change to include the results ascribed to the Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga according to the Dashas operating.

Entry into the world as an independent entity will appear nearly impossible. Despite enormous ability, the doorway to societal participation will not open and the person will wonder as to the reasons for this delay and denial of societal success. These features regarding visible life are due to the fact that the 7th House from the Arudha Lagna is occupied by debilitated Mars and Saturn. This is also the 11th House from the Lagna.

The true fulfillment of hopes and optimism will me marred by episodes involving anger and sorrow and these may be in the friendship circle or in one?s social groups. Some of these people may be sober and structured people, who may actually be the well-wishers of the native and this fact may later emerge after the undesirable episodes have come to pass.

The 7th House from the Arudha Lagna is the Dwara/ the doorway through which we must pass and this doorway is blocked by sudden and inexplicable problems and incidents which carry with them Adhi and Vyadhi: intense mental and physical suffering. These are challenging attributes and are being described not with a view to merely dwell upon them but to attempt to remedy them if possible. However, the Neecha, or debilitated status of Mars is cancelled or annulled due to its conjunction with Saturn. This is called Neecha Bhanga Yoga. Saturn is the lord of the exaltation sign of Mars and therefore its conjunction helps Mars to come out of its debility. The insight to be taken from all this is that the sudden and adverse events will be overcome due to Saturn. Saturn rules over the 5th House of Mantra and sage advice. Eternal or Sanatan wisdom will aid this transformation.

Mars is the worst malefic for the Kanya/ Virgo Lagna which rises in this chart. It rules the 3rd and the 8th House of the chart showing desire, initiative, Kama/ the sexual impulse, adversity, sin, transformation and sudden events. Apart from being a natural malefic it takes on these significations of a functional malefic in the chart. It is the Naisargika Karakattwas along with functional attributes of Mangal/ Kuja that have to be channeled properly for fortune and happiness to come to the native. The natural age of maturity of Saturn is 36 and so as the Jatak approaches the age of 34-36, the trials pertaining to the societal doorway of the world as it relates to the native, will begin to dissipate. The guardian of this door is the lord of the 7th House from the Arudha Lagna. This is the sign Cancer/ Karka, ruled by the Moon. The Moon is placed in the 7th House of marriage, desires, partners and foreign travel. It is this Lord placed in the 7th House from the Lagna, which holds the key to the door to manifest life. Through marriage and other significations of the 7th House, the release will come. Also relevant in this light is the fact that the Moon in the 3rd House from the Arudha Lagna is a participator in the Sadhu Yoga, therefore, through the cultivation and expression of genuine spirituality, the gates of one?s fuller participation in life shall open.

The Atmakaraka is the planet furthest advanced by degrees in any Rashi/ Sign in the Rashi Chakra. Sage Parashara called the Atmakaraka the King of the Horoscope. The Char/ temporal Atmakaraka is the significator for the soul of the native in this incarnation and reveals several things about the soul. The Char Atmakaraka in this chart is Guru/ Jupiter placed in the 8th House from the Lagna. This is potentially and conventionally the most malefic/ adverse house of the chart but also holds the key to individual transformation. Especially with Ketu, it can trigger certain Karmic impulses that can transform the life of the native and aid him to see the Truth as it were. The 8th House from the Lagna rules Adhi and Vyadhi: intense physical and mental torment, sudden events, inheritance, insurance, occult and psychological reorientation, long standing or incurable diseases and other such significations.

In your chart, Guru, the Atmakaraka is also the 7th Lord of the chart ruling marriage and the marital partner. The sign in the 7th House is Pisces/ Meena ruled by Guru. This Atmakaraka planet is afflicted by natural malefics, Rahu-Ketu, the North and the South Node of the Moon and also the 10th aspect of Saturn, the Naisargika Karaka of sorrow and the main cause for rebirth. There is a dictum in spiritual classical Jyotish/ Hindu astrology that when the Atmakaraka is afflicted by natural malefics, there is a mischievous aspect to the nature of the Jatak. There is licentious use of the free-will which gets purified in the course of time; the inner soul shown by the Atmakaraka Graha tricks the native in such a way so as to trigger an inner transformation that puts the native back on the correct path ultimately.

Far more importantly there is a crucial thing to be noted in the chart regarding the Atmakaraka planet in the chart. There is a Curse operating from the past lives. This is shown by the aspect and conjunction of two natural malefics with Guru/ Jupiter leading to a Brahmin Shrapa/ the Curse of a Brahmin. There was a wrongful act done against a Brahmin, priest, judge or some such man of letters in a previous life, which has led to this Curse. As Jupiter is in the 8th House from the Lagna, it shows that considerable sin has been incurred due to this act in the previous incarnations. Guru is also in Chandala Yoga being conjoined a Node, Ketu. These are noteworthy afflictions and as Guru is the Atmakaraka, life cannot fulfill its true potential till the Curse is addressed.

The involvement of the Atmakaraka planet suggests that the suffering is very deep-seated, being rooted at the soul level and is consequently difficult for the Jatak/ native to understand or express. The 3rd, 5th and 6th Houses will be the areas where the suffering can manifest. This shows communications, illness, and progeny as the possible areas. Further, the Arudha Pada in these houses shall also be susceptible to trials. The Arudha Lagna is in the 5th House and the A9 is in the 6th House. This shows that the manifest image and the tangible attributes related to fortune and father shall be tested. The 3rd House houses the Upapada Lagna which are the external manifestations pertaining to the spouse and marriage and matters to do with the spouse could pose challenging issues.

It is a great positive that the planet causing the Guru to curse is not retrograde showing that the curse can be remedied with Hindu ritual. Further, Saturn is also the 5th Lord of the chart, showing Mantra and Poorva Punya, allowing for such efforts to alleviate the suffering to bear fruit. Hence, it is important to do the remedial measures.

The Holy name of Lord Ram is sufficient to rid us of all out curses and out us on the path to deliverance from the cycle of rebirth and death. He illustrated this through His incarnation where he fulfilled the Curse of his devotee Devarshi Narada and had to live in the forest for 14 years. This is demonstrated by the 14 years Saturn Moola Dasha in the chart of Lord Ram. The Ram Taraka Mantra, which is also a Yuga Mantra, is the penultimate remedy for all sins. It must be recited everyday; ideally 8 Malas (8*108) repetitions ought to be done everyday. If that is too much then at least 1 Mala ought to be done. The Mantra is as follows:

'Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram'

In addition to this, 8 Srimad Bhagwad Gita ought to be donated to an institute/ Brahmins who might accept them. If it is possible, then a cow should be donated on a Thursday and Brahmins ought to be fed to alleviate the Curse.

As indicated above in reference to Lord Rama's chart, the Moola Dasha is the prime indicator of the timing when the results of the past Karma shall be experienced. Without dwelling on the onerous aspects too much, suffice it to say that the Guru Dasha is set to start on 25.5.2007 and shall continue for 8 years. The subsequent Moola Dashas are also those of planets involved in the Brahmin Shrapa. It is strongly recommended that the remedial measures suggested be commenced to alleviate some of the results that these Moola Dashas might bring.

Financially, the chart is sound. The 3rd and the 8th Lord Mars is in the 11th House with the 5th and 6th Lord Saturn. Inheritance and speculation can furnish gains and income. The 11th House stands for income, gains and the fulfillment of desires. The 11th House from the Arudha Lagna shows the people and the tangible sources of income. The 11th House from the Arudha Lagna is aspected by Guru, Ketu, Mars and Saturn by Rashi Drishti. Rashi Drishti shows deterministic influences that are not contingent on the timing devices of Hindu Jyotish; irrespective of the Dashas operating, these will the planets ensuring income and gains. Real estate, construction, heavy machinery, engineering, gadgets and the like can be the source of income. At least some of the people would be in a sorrowful of fearful state while furnishing the native with gains. This is due to the debility of Mars in Cancer in the Arudha Lagna.

The 5th Lord is the planet responsible for the progeny in life. The 5th Lord Saturn is placed with Neecha Mars in the 11th House. The 11th House is also the Maraka Bhava for the children and is adverse. The Naisargika Karaka/ the natural significator for children is Guru and is afflicted in Brahmin Shrapa, in Chandala Yoga in the 8th House. The 5th House from Guru is the 12th from the Lagna and the lord is the Sun. The Sun is placed in the 2nd House from Jupiter which is not an adverse placement.

The relevant Varga Chakra for the progeny is the Saptamsha Chakra/ D-7 chart. In this chart Karka/ Cancer Lagna rises. As it is an even sign, the reckoning for individual children shall be in reverse. The chart has Mercury and Venus in the 5th House, which is a slightly adverse Yoga for childbirth. Jupiter is the lord of the 9th House and is conjoined Ketu in Leo/ Simha. The nodal axis with the Putrakaraka Guru shows the possibility of one child. But attention is required in this chart. There is a slight issue in the Rashi Chakra.

The Arudha Pada of the 3rd and 9th Houses, A3 and A9 are well placed from the Sun showing that there is no problem with the physical ability to procreate. However, the AS9, the Arudha Pada of the 9th House from the Sun is badly placed from the Sun in the 6th House therefrom showing the sperm count needs to be checked for the ability to bring forth a soul in this world. If this is needed or felt desirable, then it may be undertaken. In the Saptamsha Chakra, Jupiter conjoining Ketu would show that the child would probably be a daughter. The remedial measures pertaining to Guru would also aid its status as the Naisargika Karaka for children in the chart. This is relevant in the light of the fact that Guru is in Kula Nasha Shashthyamsha which means that the Karma from the previous incarnations is not particularly conducive to the continuing the lineage.

The crucial planets for the inherent abilities and suitable avenues to exercise professional intellect in the field of Karma are determined in the following fashion: The Lagna Lord is Mercury, the Arudha Lagna Lord is Saturn and the planets aspecting the Lagna and the Arudha Lagna by Rashi Drishti are the Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Venus.

The Navamsha Chakra is the chart pertaining to Dharma/ righteous conduct, marriage and the innate abilities. The Grahas in the trines/ Trikona from the Navamsha Chakra Lagna are Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. The Moon also aspects the Navamsha Lagna by Rashi Drishti. Mercury and the Moon emerge as prime contenders for the role of energies influencing the professional initiative. The Moon can mean a lot of interaction with the masses and bureaucratic settings while Mercury rules trading, communication, writing and software related avenues.

The Varga Chakra/ divisional chart for the career and the profession is the Dashamsha Chakra/ the D-10 chart. In this chart, the Lagna rising is Scorpio. It changes with a birth time change backwards of 4 minutes and 44 seconds. In any case in this chart, the 6th Lord of service is far stronger than the 7th House of independent work or business. The 6th House has Sun, Saturn, Rahu and the Moon. Saturn is debilitated while Sun is exalted. It can mean a technical job with a leadership role. However, there are constant threats to great pride in the daily work caused by the Neecha Shani and the Grahan/ eclipse Yoga formed by Rahu. The first job will most likely be given by the Moon, which is the Karaka for bureaucracy and dealing with the masses. Next, work will take on the overtones of the technical. Consequently, Sun will bring authority and leadership potential and then Saturn would most likely bring adversity and challenges. The scenario is very complicated due to the hodge-podge of the planets.

Venus Vimshottari Dasha has been going on since 22.7.1999. It is placed in the 3rd House from the Dashamsha Lagna. The 3rd House stands for short breaks so the working life may have been characterized by these spaces and gaps. The daily work will also involve writing and expression as the Vikrama Pada/ A3, the manifest aspect of the 3rd House is stationed in the 6th House of daily work. The Lagna Lord of the Dashamsha Chakra, Mars, is placed in the 8th House showing long breaks in work and that the working life might be characterized by a sense of having retired. Sudden changes leading to benefit can also be forecast due to the Vipreeta Raja Yoga formed by the 6th Lord in the 8th House. Vipreeta Raja Yoga is a situation of setting this right after initial pressures and adversity.

The 10th Lord of the D-10 chart, showing the work done in career is the Sun placed in exaltation in Kubera Amsha. This means commendable leadership potential that will lead to significant gains since the Dikpala/ deity ruling the 10th Lord is the Treasurer in the cosmic cabinet.

The Arudha Lagna is in the 11th House in Virgo showing a working image that is defined by precision and a strong work ethic. As Mars is in the 10th House from the Arudha Lagna, you will be seen as being very active and energetic in work, with a lot of direction in the exercise of professional will. People will also tend to think that the working life has been subject to almost startling changes and reversals due to malefic influences on the 8th House from the Arudha Lagna in the D-10 chart. All this applies with the given time of birth and as stated the chart will change with about 4 ½ minutes time change.

Mars Antardasha in the Venus Mahadasha in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme is running and this must have been a very quiet period professionally, with both Venus and Mars being in Bhavas that do not promote activity. However, you can expect changes in this direction very soon and unexpected developments can come forth. This will be specifically seen in the annual chart for the year where the tendencies will be either confirmed or changed. Notably, the Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga repeats in the Dashamsha Chakra as well and the themes of excellence and diligence in work are pronounced. The Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga is formed by the union of the exalted 10th Lord Sun and the 9th Lord Moon in the 6th House of service or daily work.

The physical and tangible attributes, those matters that can be perceived, relating to the spouse are seen from the Upapada Lagna. This is in the 3rd House from the Lagna, showing that you may meet the spouse through the circle of acquaintances and the timing would coincide with that when the first gains are experienced in life. This is due to the fact that the physical evidence of the gains shown by the Labha Pada/ A11 is conjoined the Upapada Lagna. Also, Mars is the stronger lord of the Upapada Lagna, the other being Ketu as the Upapada Lagna is in Vrishchik Rashi/ Scorpio. Mars is debilitated and afflicted by Saturn showing either that the status of the family of the spouse is lower or that the spouse has health issues and the life is characterized by sudden adversity. In view of the Neecha Bhanga Yoga of Mars, the latter possibility is more likely as even otherwise, the Upapada Lagna is with the A11, a wealth indicator. The lord of the Upapada Lagna Mars in also conjoined the A8/ Ashtam Pada showing the manifest features of the 8th House, namely mental and physical torment through illness and sudden events. This also indicates that the transformation of the Jatak would come through marriage and the spouse since the A8 is conjoined the lord of the Upapada Lagna.

The Navamsha Chakra is the specific divisional chart to see marriage and the spouse. This is also the inner nature of the person and the Dharma that he must follow in a lifetime. Here, the Atmakaraka is very well placed in the 5th House from the Navamsha Chakra Lagna. This means that once Dharma comes into life, fortune will certainly visit the native. This is confirmed. The native is righteous and firm shown by the Guru-Mangal Yoga in the 5th House. Mercury in the 9th House shows ability with communication, intellect, trading and commercial interaction. The Ishta Devata of the native is shown by the Graha in the 12th House from the Karakamsha Lagna, which is the house where the Atmakaraka is placed in the Navamsha Chakra. Sri Ganesha is the Ishta Devata as Ketu is placed in the 12th House from Jupiter in the Navamsha Chakra. The native will cover a lot of ground towards final emancipation in this lifetime as Ketu is the Karaka for Moksha. Ganapati ought to be worshipped for this Jnana/ knowledge.

Dharma will come most naturally as the Atmakaraka Jupiter is placed in Deva Amsha in the Navamsha. The suffering and the trials are all to a Godly end and shall lead to great benefits.

The Amatyakaraka is the planet indicating the career achievements of the native. This is the Moon in your chart. In the Navamsha, the 6th House from the Moon will indicate the Palan Devata, the deity which will ensure that materially there are no difficulties that cannot be surmounted in this incarnation. This is Taurus but the Rashi is vacant, showing that the Lord shall indicate the results. The Lord Venus is placed in Taurus itself in the Rashi Chakra and the native can worship recite the name of Sachi Devi, the spouse of Indra, the king of the Devas, for anything connected to sustenance or finances.

The other crucial deity is the Dharma Devata, the deity that shall guide the native of the path earmarked from him in this incarnation. This deity is determined from the 9th House from the Atmakaraka in the Navamsha Chakra/ Karakamsha Lagna. The 9th from Jupiter is Gemini, which is vacant and the Lord Mercury is placed in Taurus in the first Drekkana/ the first 10 degrees of Taurus. This shows Sri Krishna as the Avatar of the Lord to be worshipped for guidance in matters of Dharma.

In the Navamsha, the Moon is placed in the 7th House showing that the native might be fickle in the matters of sexuality. For the spouse, Moon when reckoned from the 7th House, is the 8th Lord placed in Lagna. This would predispose her life to the 8th House matters such as sudden and inexplicable events and chronic ailments. The Lord of the 7th House is Jupiter placed with Mars when Mars is the malefic lord of the 6th House of illness and fights. Jupiter is also aspected by Saturn, afflicting it further. Some serious difficulties can visit the life/ body of the wife due to the impact of Mars and Saturn. Venus, the Karaka of the spouse is placed in the 8th House from the Lagna in the malefic sign Capricorn and confirms that love life/ married experiences shall not be free of trouble and the adversity linked with the 8th House. These would have come to the fore as the Venus Mahadasha in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme is currently running.

For timing the deterministic trends of life that visit us, the Narayan Dasha of the Rashi Chakra, showing the physical existence of the native is an appropriate tool. Narayan is the sustainer of this Universe and so that inputs that we receive from out environment are seen from the Narayan Dasha operating at a given time. The Narayan Dasha is that of signs and not of planets, basically showing the inanimate substratum subsisting at any given point in time.

In this chart the Narayan Dasha commence from the 7th House Pisces/ Meena as it is stronger with one Graha, Moon, than the Lagna. The Meena Narayan Dasha commenced at birth and the results are to be seen from the Lagna Virgo/ Kanya. 24.5.1976-25.5.1987 was the duration of this Dasha. The first period would have been that of the Lagna and this would have put the focus on the Lagna. There would have been a rise in the fortune of the family as Kanya is the 9th from the Arudha Lagna. The infant is too small to enjoy Bhagya at that age, so it goes to the family instead. After about 3 ½ years of age, the results of the Moon would have become dominant. The mother and developments relating to the mother would have become important. Despite a basically good relationship with the parents, there has been considerable suffering in this regard, again from unexpected and sudden events, shown by the Pishacha Badhak Yoga of Mars and Ketu in the 8th House of the Dwadashamsha Chakra/ D-12 chart relating to the parents. The 4th Lord in the D-12 chart is the Moon, indicating the mother and this planet is placed with Saturn in the 6th House showing some suffering from this side. Mars is also the Char Matrikaraka and is afflicted in the D-12 confirming the adverse events. In the Rashi Chakra too, the 4th Lord of the mother is Jupiter afflicted by Ketu in the 8th House, strongly pointing at some adversity.

The initial impulse towards the parents would not have been ideal but with maturity and understanding, the native would have enjoyed a fine relationship. The parental support would have always been there apart from the adversity shown to the mother in the charts. In the last 3 ½ years Mercury would have given good results in childhood.

The next Narayan Dasha was from 25.5.1987-1991. This was of the sign Cancer but the results would be seen from Makar Rashi. This would have raised the image in school and so on since the Arudha Lagna is in Makar. The Rajayoga indicated by the planets in the 9th House would have come to the fore and though life is governed almost entirely at this age by the domestic environment and family realities, life in itself would have been good. The years 1989 and 1990 might have brought sudden challenges since the results of the Mars-Saturn Yoga in the 11th House would have precipitated the sudden trials and adversity of the 8th House through Mars. However, Saturn would have helped you pull through it and then till 1991, the image at least would have continued to climb. The image would also have been linked with innate talent.

The next Narayan Dasha of Scorpio would have given the results of Taurus/ Vrishabh in the 9th House of fortune and luck. However, the Dasha which ran from 1991-24.5.1996 would have first given the results of Mars, Saturn and Rahu which are all adverse planets, save for Saturn, who is also the 5th Lord. The results of Rahu would have come for the first third of the 1 ½ years period from 1991 giving some problems in the family and accumulated resources. The next period of Mars would have been adverse too, blocking the path while the last third ending the nearly 1 ½ years starting 1991 would have made this better, giving Neecha Bhanga Yoga. In some cases, it is seen that the results are exchanged, meaning that the middle third might have been better than the last.

The next 1 ½ years would have given the results of Venus in the 9th House. There may have been relationships of intimacy and the fortune and ability as perceived by people would have come to the fore. The Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga and its positives would also have shone during this short period.

The last phase would have been that of the Rashi Taurus which is also excellent for Bhagya and social recognition.

The next Narayan Dasha of Sagittarius ran till 24.5.2000 and gave the results of the sign Gemini. There may have been a reluctance to be socially very active though at a real level, you would have been working and Karma might have been the focus for about a year and a half. Foreign travel and resources would have been the themes during this period. The middle third of the Narayan Dasha would have been spiritual and somewhat non-materialistic as the Moon would have given its results. Expenditure and travel may have come about after a year and a half, in the last one-third of the Narayan Dasha as it were.

Aries Narayan Dasha till 2002 would have given the results of Libra and the 2nd House of movable assets, resources, family would have been important. The work as seen at a physical level would have been market-savvy and sophisticated.

Leo Narayan Dasha would have given the results of Kumbha Narayan Dasha till 25.5.2005. This is the 6th House of Roga/ illness, Rina/ financial stress and Ripu/ enemies suggesting an overall stressful period. These results would have been felt from 2002-2003. The Lord Saturn would have given its results in 2003-2004 but they may have been of Mars instead giving adverse results of the 8th House of sudden torment. Ways would have been found due to the Neecha Bhanga Yoga but still the trials would have been there. Even the last period would have given the aspect results of Saturn, Mars and Rahu, all of whom are natural malefics.

The Narayan Dasha at the present time is Virgo which would give the results of Pisces, the 7th House of marriage. The results of the 7th House itself would be felt in the middle third of the Narayan Dasha. The first third would give the results of the 11th Lord Moon. This is a spiritual period. If Dharma does not come then materially Moon in the 3rd from the Arudha Lagna is adverse. From the Dasha Rashi the Moon is the 5th Lord in Lagna, which is a Rajayoga. Mantra and spiritual inputs will arrive. This phase is going on at the present time. The middle third of the Dasha will give the results of the Rashi: Pisces is the Rashi of the Maharishis/ the Seers. It will give eternal wisdom. It is also the 7th House from the Lagna, putting the focus on the wife. This is also seen from the Upapada Lagna and the A8, which show the wife and the occult respectively, being in trines from the Dasha Rashi. A11 is also in trines, ensuring gains.

The last period would give the results of the lord of the Dasha Rashi Guru. This is also the Atmakaraka and is under a Curse. The remedies should be done before the last third, that is, the last 16 months of the Narayan Dasha of Virgo from 25.5.2005-25.5.2009 begin.

The next Dasha of Makar/ Capricorn will give the results of cancer till 2015. This conjoins the Mrityupada/ A8 and will give complete transformation of the personality. You would also be close to Saturn?s natural age of maturity and the Neecha Bhanga Yoga of Mars will happen, opening the doors to the world.

From 2009-2011, the 9th House with the Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga and the Sun will give the results and they shall be fortunate. The next two years will give the results of the Moon as stated above for another Narayan Dasha and the last 2 years would just change you completely.

Through all this, the Vimshottari Dasha Mahadasha of Venus will make the mind feel as if all the events are Dharmic at the core and designed as a part of the cosmic plan, since Venus is the 9th Lord in the 9th House. The Vimshottari Dasha is a mind-centric Dasha and shows how we interpret the Narayan Dasha influences at a psychological level.

These are somewhat stressed times and one feels that there is a strong intent in this lifetime to have you come to a stage of personality growth that is strongly destined. The current Hindu year reflects this to a degree. The Vedic birthday varies from the Western birthday. The charts cast at this time are called the Tithi Pravesha Chakra/ the Hindu annual charts.

The Lagna rising this year in the Rashi Chakra is Leo/ Simha which is the 12th House from the Lagna in the radix/ the natal chart. This 12th House is a Dusthana/ evil house and shows a generally resting year. The Lord of the Vedic weekday is Mars and he is a dire malefic for the natal chart, being the 3rd and the 8th Lord there. He is also the Hora Lord or the ruler of the year and its placements and aspects shall be of the utmost importance this year.

Mars the Hora Lord is also the Char Atmakaraka for this year. The guiding theme for the year would be spiritual development of the native. The Lagna Lord of the Rashi Chakra, the Sun is placed in a strong Rajayoga in the 10th House. You can expect significant achievements this year. The intellect/ the Dhi Shakti shown by the Lagna Lord will really flower as a Nipuna Yoga/ Budh Aditya Yoga is formed by the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the 10th House from the Lagna. This intelligence shall function for transformation and that too transformation of the self as the Lagna Lord, the Sun, showing the personality is conjoined the A8 in the 10th House. Mercury is the 2nd and 11th Lord of the chart and shows wealth. There are five planets influencing the 11th House from the Arudha Lagna this year showing significant gains and income. Saturn is the co-lord of the 7th House and is placed in the 12th House of expenditure, foreign lands and hospitals. These significations will become dominant for the year. As the Atmakaraka is placed in the 11th House, being the 4th from the 8th House, you would receive instruction from an occult tradition. Mars in the 11th House is good for the attainment of one?s objectives.

The year starts with a little of the Mars Tithi Ashtottari Dasha left and it continues till 2nd June, 2006. The 7th Lord Rahu is placed in the 8th House with the 12th Lord Moon and the functionally malefic Venus. These are not very positive placements for the spouse.

As Mars lords the Arudha Lagna and the Upapada Lagna both, there could have been sudden developments relating to one's own image as well as that of the spouse in the Tithi Ashtottari Dasha. Mars is also the Yogakaraka for the Lagna, showing that home and fortune would have been favourably influenced in the period. Mars is also the Lord of the Navamsha Lagna. It is placed in the 8th House. Anxiety and fears may have come about in the area of marriage in the Mars Tithi Ashtottari Dasha.

The next Tithi Ashtottari Dasha is that of Mercury till 2.8.2006. Due to its Yoga with the Sun it will tend to give the results of the Sun, attainment in life, a lot of pride and self-respect in this phase. The next Dasha of Saturn is that of the 7th Lord in the 12th House, both the Bhavas being connected to foreign travel. So, travel is likely in this period.

In the D-10 Mars is the Lagna Lord placed in the 12th House with the 9th and 5th Lords and this forms a Lakshmi Yoga of fortune and success. This would have probably a lot to do with foreign lands or foreign activity as this happens in the 12th House from the D-10 Lagna. It would have sustained the working image as it is in the 2nd House from the Arudha Lagna in the D-10 and also conjoined the A9 showing positive events. The subsequent Mercury Tithi Ashtottari Dasha discussed above is in the 2nd House and puts the focus on resources in work. Saturn is with Ketu the 8th Lord in the 6th from Arudha Lagna conjoining A8 and will bring changes and transformation in work. Rahu in the 10th House brings a foreign angle to the work you do this year or technical inputs.

Jupiter Tithi Ashtottari Dasha shows heavy expenditure during 6.9.2006-12.11.2006 as it is in the 12th House from the Arudha Lagna in the Rashi Chakra. In the D-10 it would give sudden benefits as the results would approximate to those of Mars. After a break in work, there would be some positive events and probably some foreign linkages as well. Jupiter Tithi Ashtottari Dasha will give an upsurge in Dharma and spiritual information as it would approximate to the results of Ketu, the co-lord of the Navamsha Chakra Lagna in the 5th House.

Rahu Tithi Ashtottari Dasha will give the results of exalted Venus in the 8th House and the 5th from Arudha Lagna which will give sudden benefits in Karma. It is in this phase that the real positives from foreign lands could come in work as Rahu is the 11th Lord placed in the 10th House. As the 4th Lord of inner peace in the Navamsha, these matters would ultimately be on the upswing as Rahu is placed powerfully in Virgo in Navamsha Chakra in Moolatrikona Rashi.

26th December-11th March, 2007 would most likely be adverse for the spouse as Venus would give the results of Rahu, who is the 7th Lord of the marital partner in the 8th House. Venus is also the Naisargika Karaka for the spouse. Venus is well placed in the Dashamsha Chakra in the 5th House and is capable of giving new work in this period.

Sun Tithi Ashtottari Dasha till 31st March will give the results of Mercury which is the 2nd and 11th Lord in the Rashi Chakra as too the 11th Lord from the Arudha Lagna. It is a strong candidate to bring wealth in the Dasha. The Sun continues the foreign theme in the D-10 in the 12th House.

The Moon Tithi Ashtottari Dasha next till 23rd May, 2007 gives financial abundance and sudden benefits as the 12th Lord in the 8th. In the Navamsha, it is in the Lagna giving Guru Upadesha/ or words of wisdom from a teacher. This could also be understood to mean the influx of knowledge.

Mars Tithi Ashtottari Dasha will continue till June 11, 2007, the date of the next Hindu birth day. It will give the results of the Hora Lord as enunciated above.
It is within these frameworks that life shall unfold over the next few years. The backdrop of life as seen from the various charts based on the given birth data have also been extrapolated. Hindu remedial measures have also been prescribed where they have been deemed appropriate to tide over some of the more onerous Karmic stations in life.

It is hoped that the Analysis shall shed some light over the several areas of life studied.

Best Wishes,
Anurag Sharma.
Dehradun, India.

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