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With Karka (Cancer) Lagna (Ascendant) rising, emotionality and psychological feedback pertaining to the decisions taken by the individual self, the Lagna, attain primacy. What the native feels will always be paramount in relation to his actions in life, perhaps more so than is generally the case. Karka is the 4th House (H) of the Kalpurusha (Cosmic Man) and houses the emotional content of the Cosmos. This is also a sign with a lot of seed-potential as the nadir of the chart of the Kalpurusha and houses many unknown variables within it that may attain fruition based on how the mind perceives things. Since Lagna rises in the 2nd Drekkana (Decanate), the 8th H and Mangal (Mars) shall be crucially important. Vrishchik (Scorpio), as the cosmic 8th H, houses research and occult potential on the one hand and realities relating to intense emotional and physical distress, violence, death, murder, destruction, rage, poisoned plotting, secretive underhand dealings and the like. The lords of this sign, Mars and Ketu (South Node of the Moon) indicate all these tendencies and cutting, fiery violence in general. They can indicate terrorism and counter-terrorism and that has certainly proved itself to be the case here. Shani (Saturn) in Lagna also afflicts Budh (Mercury), the Karaka of reasoning and the 4th Lord (L) Shukra (Venus). The placement of the Lagnesh in the 3rd H shows that valour or conceptions of bravery will be central in the life of the native. The Parivartana Yoga (Exchange of signs) between the Lagnesh (Lord of Lagna) and the functionally malefic Budh shows that inflicting distress upon others and foreign involvement will have a direct link with the individuality of the person.

As has been hinted at elsewhere by the writer, Jyotish operates on a massive canvas and can present disconcerting pictures. The 2nd L showing accumulated wealth and immediate family is placed in the 12th H of loss and that too in a MKS (Marana Karaka Sthana: Adverse stations for the planets indicating destruction of the matters shown by the houses this planet lords over. Sun in 12th, Moon in 8th, Mercury and Mars in the 7th, Jupiter in the 3rd and Venus in the 6th H. are MKS placements.). To add to this Guru (Jupiter) also occupies the 3rd H, which is a MKS placement for it. Three Grahas (Planets) in a placement that augur destruction of the matters ruled by them in the chart of the President of the United States? The 12th L is placed in the Lagna and indicates the area of loss afflicting life. Now, merely going by MKS placements, the 2nd H, the 7th and 8th Hs and the 6th and 9th Hs ought to all undergo destruction. But the native must have large reserves of accumulated wealth. The father of the native is the former President of USA and the natural significations of the Sun cannot be said to have suffered and similarly Guru's lordship over the 9th H of father cannot be said to be adversely effected by its MKS placement. The 8thL and the 3rdL are indicative of possibilities of dire poverty, the latter lord so due to the principle of Bhavat Bhavam (Literally, house to house), being the 8th L from the 8th H.

On the other hand, Shukra is the 11th L of all-round gains and being the dispositor of Rahu (North Node of the Moon) shows that the means of earning wealth will not be overly constrained by morality. Shukra also lords over the parents, immovable property, vehicles and mother and is placed in the Lagna showing Dhana Yoga (Combination for prosperity). Shukra as the Atmakaraka (AK) (Planet farthest advanced by degrees irrespective of signs, indicating the Self, considered the king of the horoscopic chart) in Lagna promises another Rajyoga (Auspicious combination for power and upliftment) and is placed with the Pitrukaraka (PiK)(Temporary significator for father) and this is a Rajayoga specifically mentioned by Jaimini. This occurs in the Lagna and shows a very conspicuous and important life. This Rajayoga also shows the role of the father is the success attained by him in this lifetime. That Shani Mahadasha (MD) (Major period) in the Vimshottari (Scheme of planetary periodicity proposed by Sage Parashar which is considered to be of universal applicability and generally yields the best results) Scheme is that of the Darakaraka (Temporary significator for spouse and personal interactions) might make for some suffering in the life of the spouse. This may be an area to look out for when Shani transits the Lagna after September 5. Shukra being the AK shows deep rooted desires of Bhoga (Material enjoyments) that have led to the incarnation and conveys the impression that heavy attachment exists for the created world. The fact that Lagnesh and Budh are in Parivartana can also be interpreted as both planets in effect occupying their own Rashis. This will strengthen the Lagna incredibly, since the Lagnesh shall be deemed to be tenanting the Lagna, even though damage to health, character, status and position is also indicated by the Papakartari Yoga (A hemming in of a sign or planets by malefic planets, considered adverse) (PKY) around the Lagna.

The fact that Mangal and Surya form this PKY will lead to the personality being influenced by cravings for power and absolute authority, rage, going after the enemies with unflinching resolve, stubbornness, impulse and extreme fire in the thinking that will make for polarity. In association with the fact that the highly malefic Saturn for this Lagna afflicts the same makes for cold calculations that affect the mind deeply since the Moon disposits this fiasco and also since Shani aspects the Moon by Graha Drishti (Sign aspect). Shani is the karaka for crime, perversion and inflexibility. Mr. Sanjay Rath, Jyotish Guru, writer and scholar has brought an unusual facet of Shani in Karka Lagna to the fore. It has been pointed out that Shani in Karka Lagna is a feature of the charts of the late former Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Mr. Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of the Indian State of Orissa. This Rajyoga is accompanied by trials in married life or some irregularity in this direction. Mrs. Gandhi lost her husband while Mr. Patnaik is a bachelor.

Mangal in the 2nd H makes him speak with a tit-for-tat attitude and could be responsible in some measure for his alcoholism of the past. The dispositor of Mangal in Surya in the adverse 12th H in a PKY generated by Rahu and Shani, two Grahas most inimically disposed to the Sun. Thus, he falls short of expectations in verbal communications and could well be giving impromptu utterances that find no mention in his prepared speeches. If this is the case, it would be due to the pushing of Mars that will just not relent. The working of contrary forces on his self can be seen in the Argalas (Planetary or sign intervention) and their immediate obstruction on the Lagna. Mangal has Dhana Argala from the 2nd H but is obstructed by Surya. The malefic impact of Mangal is curtailed by a milder malefic and so the nature of Mars does intervene but it is not disastrous. This is especially good since Mars disposits Ketu placed in the 5th H of intellect. Also helpful is the fact that Mangal is the Yogakaraka (Simultaneously owning a trine and a quadrant) Graha for this Lagna and aids accumulation of wealth though the soul of this accumulation appears tending to dissipation due to Surya in the 12th H.

The Gajakesari Yoga (An auspicious Yoga formed by placement of Jupiter and Moon in mutual quadrants) (GKY) occurs in the 3rd H and recurs in the Navamsha. Both constituent Grahas are placed in an inimical sign, the difficult Kanya (Virgo), indicating a virginal innocence. A deeper examination of this chart will reveal that this virginal innocence pertains to a black and white picture of good and evil where the native is utterly convinced he is a tool to fight evil with whatever he has got. However, that one is fighting what is undoubtedly evil does not automatically generate the good in the fighter, though it may appear to be that way. Indeed, while suggesting he is fighting what is indisputably evil, the fight may have been needlessly extended to where the existence of evil was not conclusively proved. The 3rd H is a Kama (Desires) House and a Dusthana (Evil house: 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th are considered evil) but is also indicative of great damage potential being 8th from the most malefic 8th and holding within the complementary potential of an external religiosity, the original ideas for which reside in the 9th H. Jupiter in the 3rd might protect his longevity and extend that of his parents, the latter of which functions appear to have been performed. The 6th L in the 3rd is also a good Yoga and the 9th L aspecting the 9th might reinforce the Bible-Belt mindset, being in nervous Kanya. The Argala of Rahu from the 11th H making for a mentality that is deluded and deludes others is controlled by the GKY in the 3rd H. But this specific obstruction will not matter much because Bush is controlled by the Cosmic Dragon, Rahu and Ketu both aspecting the Lagna with Rashi Drishti from the 11th and 5th. It is crucial to glance at this fact in the chart of one of the most powerful personalities in the world. There is so much compulsive raging in his mind that he cannot avert the role he is playing. The nodal axis is also known as the Karmic axis and while Rahu indicates his desires in relation to his priorities as President, Ketu convinces him intellectually and spiritually, that whatever he does is good for the civilized world. Ketu also has secondary Argala on the Lagna and this is not obstructed but even if it were it would not have kept Ketu from being one of the most important players in this chart. All the planets are between Ketu and Rahu and indicate the overwhelming Karmic load in the chart where Ketu's utterly convinced spiritual-religious standpoint, and that too in Vrishchik which it owns along with the similarly inclined Mars, might make dissent on the issue of his politics appear downright unpatriotic, misguided, and not cognizant enough of the dangers America faces, to his eyes.

Mars aspects Ketu with its 4th aspect from the 2nd H of family showing that the aggression and counter-attack tendencies are flowing from the family, as too the spouse, since the Upapada (Arudha Pada of the 12th H, indicating spouse) Lagna (UL) is in Simha. The intelligence of this man is red in nature with Scorpio in the 5th H, housing Ketu and being aspected by Mars. Sanity prevails due to the aspect of the benefics Shukra and Budh by Rashi Drishti on Ketu. Much the same effects are observed on the 7th H due to the Graha Drishti of the planets in Lagna and the Rashi Drishti of Rahu, Ketu and Mars on the 7th. However, the aspect of Mars in the 7th is to its exaltation sign.

The life of a leader on the world stage would be reflected in the Arudha Chakra. The Arudha (Mirror image of the house concerned, indicating externalized realities of the matter under consideration) Lagna (AL) is Vrishchik and Ketu, the lord of this sign, is posited there showing the rigid spiritual outlook that feeds the deep-seated anger for those who killed innocents in the 9/11 horrors. It makes for the Ghatika (Special ascendant indicating propensities to power and fame) Lagna (GL) to be conjoined the Arudha lagna and this shows that the man in popular perception is linked to conceptions of power, the latter attribute a function of the GL. The other lord of Vrishchik and AL is Mars and is placed in the 10th H where it attains Digbala (Directional strength) and forms a profound and action-oriented, power-centric, violence-tainted Rajyoga. Ketu and Mars aspect the natal 10th H by Rashi Drishti and this latter is the Moolatrikona (Beneficial Stations for a planet, akin to its being at office) of Mars. The sheer impetus of anger, initiative, attack and counter-attack can be seen in these combinations. The lack of evidentiary bases backing offensives can be seen by Saturn's 10th aspect to its debilitation sign in the 10th H in addition to all the naturally opposite tendencies already pressurizing this area. The Prisoner Abuse Scandal is reflected in this 10th H with the inimical energies afflicting the natal 10th H and the news broke when Mars and Saturn conjoined in transit in sidereal Mithun (communications, TV, journalism), exposing the excesses of the Army (Mars) through Saturn's natural tendency to expose wrongdoing through reality-checks. Conversely, the malefic nature of Shani both from Lagna and Arudha Lagna manifests as Bush's inflexible support to Rumsfeld.

Two natural benefics in Lagna give charisma and protective cover to personal identity. The Darapada (Arudha Pada of the 7th H), indicative of partnerships, sexual or otherwise in the 12th from Arudha lagna could mean rejection of the spouse and is suggestive of very limited physical compatibility between the couple. This combination is supported by the fact that the significator for sexual relations Shukra is conjoined two neuter and sexless planets, Mercury and Saturn, and that this affliction also aspects the 7th H. It is understood that limitations in this area can lead to behaviours that show elements of overcompensation. The UL in the 10th H from AL houses the lord of the AL, which is also the GL, and shows that the wife will show regal attributes and a firmness of spirit. She will be perceived as an important part of his public persona and this may have been manifested in the contrast the American people may have noticed in this relationship in the public eye as against that of the Clintons, especially as it appeared at the time of the previous election. The UL in the 10th from AL shows the great importance of the wife in public life though this is also enigmatic and secretive in it nature, the lord of the UL being placed in the 8th from the UL. This could also mean the spouse's linkages with inherited property. Bush's legacy is seen in the 8th L being placed in the 9th H of the father. The three Grahas in the 9th H from the AL catapult the visible fortunes of George W. Bush, which indicate protection and luck in external, societal life. Laura Bush would also have brought prosperity to the President since the UL also associates with the Hora Lagna, an important factor pertaining to prosperity. Also the Darapada in the natal 4th H shows that most of Bush's important partnerships and associations spring from family. That Shani transits over the Sun in the 8th H from the AL, virtually over the natal degrees of Surya, must put his father at risk and has also exposed his self-respect and worthiness in the public eye. The placement of the 10th L from the AL in the 8th H indicates possibilities of sudden ups and downs in career. This is also Kantak (Literally thorn, caused by Saturn's aspect to the 10th H of deeds, whether from Lagna or the 8th, since the special 3rd and 10th aspects are involved. The aspect will also result from the 4th H but this is not considered to be as severe since the 7th aspect is allowed to all planets, save Ketu who is headless and does not have Graha Drishti.) Shani from AL and Shani in Karka Lagna after September 5, will be still in Kantak from the Lagna as it would aspect the 10th, its debilitation Rashi, just as it is aspecting inimical Leo, the 10th from AL. The current Vimshottari sequence of Shani-Guru-Shani shows the pressures he is under as a President who may have taken the country to an avoidable war, without adequate reasons, as England is now coming to accept. Shani Pratyantardasha (Sub-sub period) (PD) shall end on July 30th and Mercury shall begin. There is a likelihood of significant changes after this period inasmuch as it coincides with the Narayan Antardasha (Sub period) (AD) of Scorpio in the Mahadasha of Pisces, which AD is beginning on the 7th of July. Now, Budh PD shall be Digbali in Lagna and Vrishchik AD in the Narayan Dasha (Planetary periodicity proposed by Sage Jaimini, taught as being excellent for predictive purposes relating to fruits or events, by Mr. Sanjay Rath, Jyotish Guru, writer and scholar. According to his teachings Narayan Dasha embodies the will of the Sustainer of the created world, Narayan or Lord Vishnu, and that this fact makes for the largely deterministic nature of this system. It shows the prevailing environment surrounding the native through stimuli presented to him by events) (ND) scheme shall be that of AL, GL and the 5th H from Lagna. Therefore, July and August portend changes in the status quo. Since the Scorpio AD is that of a malefic sign, its results of six months shall be distributed in such a manner so as to yield its results of natal 5th and AL/GL in the last two months, broadly November and December. As a Rashi it is quite well disposed aspected by three Grahas in the 9th from it. In the first two months, the aspecting Grahas shall give the results. The 7th and 12th L from AL, Venus, and the 8th and 11th L, Mercury both aspect the sign from the 9th. Since the Narayana Dasha Rashi Meena (Pisces) harbors the Shatrupada (Arudha Pada of the 6th H, showing perceived and external realities of the matters signified by this house), A6, there have been results pertaining to service of America and gross upsurge in enemies. It is the 9th H from Lagna showing predominance of father and fortune, luck and prosperity. It is also the 5th H of government formation aspected by the Gajkesari Yoga from the natal 3rd, 11th H of gains from the AL and 7th from the Dasha Rashi. The Rashi is aspected by its Lord and the 5th L from Rashi making for a massive Rajayoga. The Sun as the Karaka of government, power and authority also aspects the Dasha Rashi from the 4th H from it showing the role of the family in attainment of power. The Dasha Sandhi (Twilight zone between MD changes, where the life of the native is rendered typically vulnerable due to a major phase that has just exercised itself and the onset of a novel one that seeks to alter the tenor of the native's life in keeping with its own nature) in Vimshottari shows a convoluted frame of mind and that decisions based on psychological perceptions are likely to be fragmented. The highly benefic Meena ND shows the great protective benefits the President appears to enjoy. That the AK & PiK are in the 5th House from Dasha Rashi apart from being in the natal lagna show the fructification of the destined Rajayoga in this period.

Generally, the 11th H from the AL shows the great prosperity and wealth as Guru is the greatly benefic lord of the 2nd H of accumulated wealth and family support as too that of the 5th H, another Lakshmi Sthana (Houses linked to Goddess Mahalakshmi, the divinity of prosperity and material enjoyments, the consort of Shri Vishnu) and the Bhava of fame, power and ministership (read President). This is conjoined the 9th L, really empowering the Yoga. Guru is the Karaka of governmental favours and Moon is the Karaka for the masses and being a royal planet gives a ruling position. Since Rahu shall be transiting the 5th H from Arudha Lagan in the period just highlighted, it does not appear that the prospects of the President are entirely bleak. This transit shall have the potential to give support to any Rajyogas that may exist in the chart. Moreover, Rahu will be transiting in the Dasha Rashi Pisces simultaneously, which further aids this interpretation.

Bush has a debilitated Saturn in the Dashamsha (D-10) chart in the 10th H. This is important. The D-10 chart is the specific divisional chart pertaining to the acts performed by the person on the world stage. This usually translates into career. With Karka Lagna rising again and Saturn being the death dealing planet placed in debility in the 10th H, it shows full fructification of pre-conceived notions that are not based on rational, rule-of-law, humane considerations but are representative of a jingoistic attitude harboring deep seated anxieties about aliens and foreigners (Saturn), especially since a lunatic fringe among them have undoubtedly performed evil actions that their religion may or may not have sanctioned. Though Saturn has Neechabhanga, this will only salvage a paranoid mindset from going out of control. Jupiter is debilitated while Mars is exalted symbolizing the ruling of rage over wisdom and considered thought. The weakened advice of the Guru in a Maraka Sthana (Death-inflicting house; the 2nd and 7th Houses are the primary death inflicting houses) is enforced violently and compulsively by the counter-terrorist and prejudiced nature of Mars. The Lagna Lord Moon is placed in the 6th H of enemies, violence, injury, loss of reputation, general nuisance and the like. The 7th H is the house of diplomacy and the adverse Jupiter-Mars combination in this house of foreign policy is aspected by the debilitated Saturn from the house of Karma in the chart pertaining to Karma. This shows an unapologetic attitude post revelations that in the promised exercise of hunting down the vicious evil of Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, somewhere the US has lost its place as the land of the free. What the world has seen in the media of the atrocity of Abu Ghraeb has led them to believe that international conventions have been totally disregarded, and if law takes a back seat in the hunt for those who abused humanity on 9/11, there will be less of a gap between the sane and the insane. This is dangerous and can adversely affect a fringe element that is already crazed in the name of their God. No matter what investigations reveal about the source of the abuse that humiliated the prisoners, it is clear that the Dashamsha chart shows a complex mind at work, driven by forces that are not indicative of a completely healthy political attitude. That two Grahas are debilitated in Kendras with cancellation of debility makes for a Neechabhanga Rajyoga of great potency and thus the chart paves the way for attainment of power. The mutual aspect by Graha Drishti between the highly inimical Mars and Saturn pressurizes the 7th H of diplomacy and foreign countries and the 10th H of governmental decree. Jupiter is the karaka for expansion. It will expand the military aggression of the exalted, fearless Mars in foreign policy, conditioned by Saturn, the weakened significator of misery and perversion. Two principles laid down by Mr. Sanjay Rath can be seen to operate here in some measure. From the Arudha Lagna in conservative Taurus, in the 11th H of desires from the Lagna, Saturn is both Badhak (Obstructing agent. For Sthira [fixed] Lagnas the 9th L, for Char [movable] Lagnas, the 11th L and for Dwiswabhava [Dual] Lagnas the 7th L, are Badahakas.) and Yogakaraka. As a malefic Yogakaraka, its debility is causative of a public Vipreeta Raja Yoga (VRY) (A combination for great wealth and success, the term Vipreeta suggesting contrariness, unusualness, another's loss, unworthy modes of attaining success, success after great difficulty etc depending upon the context.) and as a Badhak placed in the 12th H it indicates a surmounting of enormous obstacles. Once again the A7 indicating partnerships and personal interactions, as too the wife or sexual partners, are in the 12th (loss) from AL but debilitated Saturn, though ensuring concealed motives in these areas, and rigid, pre-conceived mindsets is still creative of Rajayogas in these very areas. It might be indicative of George Bush Sr.'s trusted lieutenants becoming the advisers of George W. Bush. Saturn indicates tradition and debilitated it shall show the worst aspects of legacies and continued traditions.

The Navamsha chart is crucial in the horoscope and is used for all predictions along with the Rashi chart. It can indicate subtle patterns and final outcomes, realities pertaining to the spouse and those relating to the native himself. Scorpio rises in Navamsha and again indicates a preponderance of Martian or fiery qualities especially since Ketu is again posited in the Arudha Lagna. Minimal physical contact between the couple is again suggested by the A7 being 12th from the AL. The AL in the 4th H shows the repeating role of the family in constructing the public persona of the native. The exaltation of Venus in the 5th H of romance and thinking shows a passionate nature, especially since it is aspected by Mars with the 8th aspect from the 10th H but this is suppressed by Saturn's association with the Lagnesh Mars and the Moon. The exaltation of the Sun shows the political power, more so since it is in Parivartana with Digbali Mars in the 10th H. The 2nd and 5th L Jupiter in the 10th adds to the Rajayoga. Since both Saturn, 3rd L, and Mars, Lagna Lord indicate the self in this chart and affect the 10th H of ruling and actions, they suggest cruelty and recklessness in the decision-making process. The Gajakesari (GKY), Chandra-Mangala, Guru-Mangala and Shani-Chandra Yogas are all Rajyogas in the 10th H of work and public life and in combination they create forces that present us with a man who is in sufficient power to create history and to ripple geo-political equations enough for them to make the world a substantially different place, for better or for worse. GKY shows that the 2nd and 5th L of eloquence combines with the 9th L of fortune in the 10th H; the Chandra-Mangala Yoga gives a realistic know how that leads to material conquest and this is the Digbali Lagna Lord and the dispositor of an exalted 10th L Sun, forming a Rajayoga on its own, by linking the Lagna and the 10th; Guru-Mangala Yoga gives the conviction that one's value system and religious and spiritual orientation is the morally correct one and Mars shouts that the offenders against this faith, or against notions of a civilized society as they appeal to the native shall be ruthlessly eliminated, no matter what the cost and no matter what faulty pretexts are employed to attain this objective; Shani-Chandra Yoga, according to Mr. Rath, gives delayed fructification of cherished desires, if the same occurs in the 4th, 10th or the 11th houses and we can be certain that Bush had been contemplating power or certain political modes of operation for a very long time prior to his attaining the Presidential office. Shukra exalted in the 5th from the Navamsha Lagna, and as AK, shows great attachment to the extant world and some characteristics pertaining to art, movies, music, culture or poetry though the subject hardly appears to be a connoisseur. Rahu in the 10th H is also creative of a power-centric life and its impact on the Moon along with Saturn is dangerous for the world at large since there is great potential for delusion, confusion and mental tainting and living on premises that, in rational speak can only be expressed as a hoping-for-the-best attitude. He cannot be in full command of his psychological impulses with so much pressure on the Navamsha Moon in the royal, authority-oriented sign of Leo.

The Vimshamsha chart (D-20) shows the native in relation to his spiritual religious and meditative outlooks and here again the Moon is debilitated in Scorpio in the AL. The psychology pertaining to religiosity is tainted with fear, hurt, revenge and deep-seated emotions (Scorpio) and the debility of Mercury in the 3rd H shows faulty reasoning as too erroneous messages from the divine forces, contorted badly from their original intent. The nodal axis afflicts the spiritual Moon very badly and the adverse 8th L Sun is in the 9th H of socially acceptable religious outlooks with the lord in debility in mutual aspect. Guru in the 12th H aims at a vigorous favour with God by adopting this outlook to spirituality and Saturn's mutual aspect to Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter from the 6th H might affect matters adversely. The visible personality is in the 11th housing the debilitated lord of the 7th (the other, the alien, the foreigner, the heretic [?]), showing that the phenomenal constructs of the person are rooted in societal (11th) networking: mobilization of opinion (Moon), about people of foreign origin.

The Shashtyamsha chart showing Karmic status of the native prominently displays Rajayogas ripe for fruition. Sun and Jupiter are again in Scorpio (!!) Lagna as the 2nd and 5th and the 10th lords, indicating a stupendous Yoga for kingship. Again, the UL is in the 10th showing that the spouse activates the native's status after marriage in an astrological sense. The 9th L is in the 10th, which is again a Rajyoga. Ketu is at work in its Moolatrikona with a Venus that is exalted yet again in the 5th H. With Saturn in its own sign, the stage is set for achievement. Mercury indulges in a VRY and Mars is also at work in its Moolatrikona. Power seeps out of every pore of this chart accorded massive importance by the ancient seers in India. It furnishes a wellspring for the Rashi Grahas and this chart heavily conditions their performance.

This paper only attempts to touch upon certain basic areas of the George W. Bush's (July 6, 1946; 7:26AM; New Haven, Connecticut, USA.) personality in this incarnation. Many areas remain untouched, indicating the overwhelming scope of Vedic astrology and that simplistic attitudes to this art need to be rapidly abandoned. Employing greater use of the Padas as too Vimshottari reckoned from lagna, since there are three Grahas here, could further analyses. Multifarious applications of Dasha systems and delving into the charts from varying reference junctions could enlarge interpretations.


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