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Jupiter Transit in Libra on September 12, 2017 in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter transit in Libra:
Jupiter, the greatest benefic, moves to Vedic Libra in transit on September 12, 2017.
The Jupiter transit is always noteworthy, since apart from being the greatest benefic, it is an outer planet and changes Rashis only after 13 months or so. Its heavy beneficence, therefore, shifts location and the influence if felt by all in their lives.

The Gurus:
There are two Gurus in Vedic astrology, Jupiter and Venus. Though by their mythic personalities, Jupiter is the preceptor of the Devas and Venus of the Daityas, the Gurus are inscrutable in their working. Their influence in our individual lives is not so readily deciphered as their personalities and portfolios would suggest.

Role of the Gurus in Higher Teaching:
In higher teachings on the subject of the Gurus, it is systematically derived as to which of the two is ruling the material Karma of the individual, and which the spiritual. Therefore, it is quite possible in a given chart that Venus is the one adamant on spiritual insight while Jupiter is insistent on material Karma manifesting. This can completely change the reading of the horoscope at the higher levels. Sometimes the Guru will force his hand and will not let life unfold at all unless his wishes are met.

Transit Chart for the Ingress of Jupiter into Libra:

The Basic Fact of Jupiter in Libra:
Apart from what has been stated above, it is to be remembered that Libra is ruled by Venus, and the two planets are often at loggerheads with each other being advisors of opposite camps. In the result, Jupiter is not comfortable in Libra, which is the 7th House of the natural zodiac. The preceptor feels flummoxed in the Kama Bhava. Doubtlessly, Jupiter will seek to give its blessings but these are fundamentally priestly in nature and may impede the enjoyment of Libra. If in any Libra horoscope, Jupiter is also intent on spirituality then it can be a very enigmatic transit for them. By Libra horoscope is meant a Vedic horoscope with Libra rising in the Lagna. These can be in the nature of a lifting of the veil from over the matters which are governed by Libra, and which were not visible earlier. This may not be a conventionally easy experience. Jupiter does not like what he sees in Libra and a lot will also depend on the natal planets in Libra in any given nativity. This will contribute heavily to the overall texture of experience in this transit. This accompanies the recent transit of Rahu-Ketu to Cancer and Capricorn respectively, which in turn followed the Saturn transit to Sagittarius. Certainly, the movement of all the slow-moving Karmic planets indicates a significant shift in the delivery of Karma for individuals and entities.

Graha Drishti or Planetary Aspects of Transit Jupiter in Libra:
We are considering only the full aspects of Jupiter here though the other aspects of Jupiter are equally important in discerning the influence of the planet. [See, Source Material for Advanced Detailed Chart Analysis by Anurag Sharma]
From its transit station in Libra, Jupiter aspects Aquarius with its 5th House aspect. If Aquarius is afflicted in any horoscope, the delusion inherent in the sign coupled with the affliction, will be dispelled and clarified, due to the aspect of Jupiter. The error, if any, in knowledge-based perception of reality, the future, income, gains and future prospects and hedonistic or philosophical ideals in general have a good chance of being corrected. However, sometimes ignorance is bliss, and when ignorance comes to an end, it can be a testing time.
Jupiter also aspects Gemini with its 9th House aspect and brings religiosity to the sign. Jupiter guides the incessant flow of information to higher ground and the intellectual resources of Gemini may be put to good use. Communications and relations with the peers, acquaintances and siblings are set to undergo a change in an active way. Jupiter’s aspect to Aries is weak and is unlikely to cause any significant change unless other factors in a given horoscope override this.

Rashi Drishti or Sign aspects of Transit Jupiter in Libra:
Jupiter in Libra is very aware of Leo, Aquarius and Taurus, having sign aspect on these Rashis. Sign aspects are a function of awareness. In this sense, Aquarius is very strongly influences by Jupiter. Aquarius is also going to be quite aware of Jupiter in Libra. So for Aquarius Lagna, Jupiter in the 9th House is bringing some major changes through events related to the father, the Gurus or the teachers, students in higher studies and foreign travel. Jupiter is changing the concept of Dharma for them. Similarly, for Libra Lagna since Jupiter is transiting the Lagna itself, the future, children, love affairs, planning and such matters are being put into focus through one’s own thought processes and life circumstances.
For Leo, Jupiter is transiting its Marana Karaka Sthana position showing some problems with the 3rd House significations but Jupiter aspects the sign with Rashi Drishti showing that the awareness and the higher truths pertaining to these events are known to Leo. Taurus is similarly influenced and both for Libra and Taurus Lagna, the other sign will show developments. For example, for Libra, the 8th House of health and chronic conditions, the atmosphere prevailing in the marriage, and other matters are put into focus due to the transit of Jupiter in the Lagna and for Taurus, the 6th House of work and adversarial interaction has the weight of Jupiter in it.
It can be readily seen that a myriad factors must be painstakingly and exhaustively analysed so as to come to a clear picture regarding the contours of life in the horoscope of a given person, when it is studied with all its planets and all the divisional charts; just the basic parameters pertaining to the transit of a single planet are themselves fairly elaborate. In the exhaustive analysis of the natal horoscope, it is nothing less than a crystal-clear picture of Karma which is sought, given the complexity of life across the world in the current times.

Impact of the Jupiter Transit on the Various Lagna/ Ascendants:
It is relative to the twelve Lagna in Vedic astrology that the influence of the transit planet is to be determined. By Lagna is meant the Udaya Lagna or the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth.
As stated above, Libra Lagna is dominantly influenced with the great benefic blessing the sign in its own way. Jupiter is the 3rd and 6th Lord for the Lagna and is a functional malefic and this is another reason why the blessings may not come in the traditionally easy way. Aries Lagna is strongly influenced in a positive way since Jupiter is transiting the 7th House from the Lagna. The attitude to the marriage, spouse and partnerships becomes healthy and guided by higher principles. Both matters relating to income, gains on the one hand and siblings on the other are positively influenced. The darkness and opacity in the minds of friends can be dispelled by the strong Aries during this transit and he can render forthright advice.
Taurus feels the influence largely in work and wealth related matters due to the focus of the planet on the Artha Trikona. Those in knowledge based professions and work will benefit since Jupiter transits through the 6th House and aspects the 10th and the 2nd Houses from the Lagna. Intellectuals gain from the work they put in and shine in their sphere of work as well, though the two facets are not always seen together in life. The Kutumba, or the family, and financial liquidity improve. Gemini sees important developments pertaining to children and it will depend on the natal planets in Libra as to the nature of events which transpire. Religion and belief in God, and a change in the way the world is perceived are significant shifts in life.
Cancer has the transit in the 4th House where Jupiter feels exalted but the sign is Libra and the happiness is short-lived. Again its basic discomfort in Libra will be conditioned by the natal planets placed there. Jupiter is a planet of spiritual illumination and in the 4th House of home and the heart, these areas could be illuminated for the better in the long run. This transit is about feeling and emotions. Jupiter aspects the 8th House and the 12th House, both quite personal houses. The 8th is Aquarius where the light of Jupiter shines bright to dispel the confusion and the 12th is Gemini, where personal interaction receives the benefic rays of the planet.
Leo has an interesting time of it because Jupiter is the 8th Lord in the 3rd House in Marana Karaka Sthana. Siblings, Karma, peers, neighbours, writing, and certain personal matters come to the fore. Awareness is a key word due to the sign aspect. Since Jupiter is in Marana, a person indicated by the Libra in the 3rd House could be going through a difficult time during this transit, should their horoscopes so indicate.
Virgo feels empty as Jupiter exits the sign and family and money come into sharp focus. Here too matters pertaining to work and status in society are at the forefront. It will depend as to which planet is placed in Libra in the natal horoscope. Due to the indifferent mood of Jupiter in Libra, a difficult planet in Libra could prove testing as the person will suddenly see the higher perspective pertaining to wealth and family matters. Scorpio has Jupiter in the 12th House which is good for expenses on the right things and for new beginnings in anything in life. Like Cancer Lagna, emotions are feelings are at the forefront during this transit. The difficult home situation receives the grace of Jupiter and so do matters which decide the continuance of the marital alliance. These are all helpful inputs from Jupiter in these areas.
Sagittarius has Jupiter in the 11th House which is the Karaka Bhava for Jupiter and despite being in Libra, Jupiter will help friendships, social participation and income. Personal matters, marriage and relationships come into focus with minor influences on children and future planning.
Capricorn has Jupiter in the 10th House which is excellent for an elevated attitude to work. Like Virgo, it is the Artha Trikona which comes into focus and work, sustenance and status in life become important areas of focus.
Aquarius has been discussed elsewhere but additionally the self and luck and fortune will be the matters which will influence this Lagna the most. Pisces transforms itself with Jupiter in the 8th House. The marriage receives the blessings of Ganga Jala. People start investing in the markets and taking loans for projects. The emotional structuring of the individual may change due to the influence on the Jala Tattwa if this is indicated at the given time in a Pisces Lagna Vedic horoscope.
As for the impact on the Arudha Lagna (AL), Jupiter is basically good for Virgo Arudha, where it blesses the wealth and shows the right ways to earn and manage the liquidity in pragmatic ways. Gemini Arudha has excellent future planning in this period and children excel. Pisces AL benefits due to the excellent worldly situation of the spouse. Sagittarius AL gets great income from wonderful sources in the best possible way.
This is an important transit and ought to be considered in any serious interpretation of the natal horoscope. If Jupiter is ruling any major Dasha system, then it becomes all the more significant.    

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