Thursday, August 17, 2017

Transit of Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn in Vedic Astrology

Rahu, the planet of past Karma and desires is changing signs, and so is its diametric opposite Ketu. This happens on August 18, 2017. Rahu is moving from Leo to its counterpart Cancer, while Ketu is moving from Aquarius to Capricorn, again linked by the fact that these signs are ruled by Saturn.
Rahu was hitherto influencing decisions impacting the future, children, prowess and aggrandizement, while the focus shifts now to home, emotions, matters of the heart, properties and such significations associated with Cancer.
Ketu was causing mistakes pertaining to hedonism and taking the broad philosophical stand, sometimes for the sake of correctness only. Ketu brought to full throttle the great affection that unfathomable obstacles have towards human beings. Now, Ketu inspires spirituality through mistakes in work, attitude to work, illness, airy-fairy notions relating to actual professional output and such matters contingent on correct exertions.
The additional facet to be noted here is that Rahu aspects with desire while Ketu being the significator for emancipation cannot be bothered with any such aspect.
Rahu aspects Leo and matters related to home may influence children and the future, and other matters associated with Leo. Of course, much will depend on the house positions of Cancer and Leo in any given nativity. It can go on to mean things like a whirlwind relationship having great sway on life circumstances and a variety of other things based on the aforesaid house positions.
Rahu aspects Capricorn and creates the desire for work, and for performance and growth in work. This desire should be kept on an even keel to prevent Ketu from showing the door towards release through developments related to work, unless that is what one seeks.
Again, much will depend on where these two signs of Cancer and Capricorn are in the horoscope to discern specific areas of focus and operation of the two Karmic malefics. Rahu also aspects Scorpio and Pisces with its planetary aspects and Scorpio is its sign of debility of longevity. Apart from health considerations, matters governed by Scorpio could show short time span of fructification of events or cessation of these matters with some speed, if this is otherwise indicated in the natal charts.
Likewise, Rahu will seek to colour the pristine waters of Pisces with its influences, because it is opposed to Jupiter. Some jolt to the belief-system, hiccups in foreign travel and doubts relating to the validity of religion and spirituality could be precipitated.
Karma is shifting.
The change comes with the peculiar collision course of Rahu and Sun which is manifesting at the time of the transit. Rahu is moving backwards to Cancer and colliding with the great luminary, the Sun, as it moves from Cancer to Leo. The junction of the two signs is Gandanta and people have felt great conflict in some manner during this period.  


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