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A Good Example of Neechabhanga or Cancellation of Debilitation

A Good Example of Neechabhanga or Cancellation of Debilitation

A  Study in Vedic Astrology Transits

Anurag Sharma

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With Mercury debilitated in transit currently in Pisces, it may have given cause for concern that rationality and the numerous skills, associated with the protean planet, would go askew. A debilitated planet or Neecha Graha is at its lowest ebb and as a rule of thumb, predisposed to furnishing challenging results. It is said to be a fish that dirties the pond.  
However, Mercury is not alone in Pisces but is joined Venus.  Venus is exalted in the sign Pisces and is predisposed to giving its best results since its highest aspirations find fulfillment in the sign of the sages. However, Venus too has a complexity which must be noted and that is its retrograde motion at the present time. Not only does the planet appear to be going backwards in time but is liable to precipitate events laced with the past or actually emanating from the past. Venus governs relationships of a particular sort and also everything that glitters in the created world. Furthermore, the lordships of Venus and house placement during transit, not just from the Ascendant but also the Arudha Lagna, would become germane in pronouncing the results of the phenomena.

Retrograde planets tend to act from the sign opposite to their station. Venus acts, therefore, from Virgo, its sign of debility. So, while it cancels the debilitation of the conjoined Mercury, its own results will be that of a debilitated planet.  Mercury will work excellently- reception of knowledge and wisdom, learning, expressing, executing skills, and such related matters will shine at their best. Venus, and matters of the romantic heart in general, must travel through a less than glittering pond.

To add to the melee, we find that Mercury is in exchange with a retrograde Jupiter. In effect, Mercury is acting from its sign is exaltation due to the exchange with the greatest benefic and is therefore giving excellent results, especially to those with a powerful Mercury in the nativity.

Jupiter, both due to the retrogression and the Parivartana Yoga with Mercury is acting from Pisces, its own sign and is therefore at the apex of benign grace. People of significant learning in all walks of life are the ones to approach during this transit arrangement.
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