Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Policy Decision to Withdraw Denominations of INR 500 & INR 1000 by the Central Government of India

On November 8, 2016, in the evening, a decision taken by the Central Government of India, in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India, to withdraw denominations of INR 500 and INR 1000 was made public through television media.

The reasons, amongst others, which have been given, are that these denominations are used to finance terrorist activity through corersponding counterfeit currency, and hence the decision; also that these larger denominations are also used to carry out transactions in the parallel economy of black money, and hence the decision.

In Vedic astrology, currency notes are governed by Mercury (Budha). Let us see the transit chart for the time that this decision was made public which is given below:

We can see that Mercury is extremely weak primarily due to its location at the end of the sign Libra, in Rashi Sandhi. It is joined a debilitated Sun in Libra.

Due to the Parivartana Yoga between the two dire malefics Saturn and Mars, Saturn is virtually as if it were in Capricorn and Mars is virtually as if it were in Scorpio. The address of the Prime Minister made it clear that the decision was taken for the poor citizen of India who transacts mostly through the lower denominations and also to curb the insidious effect of the motives that constitute the parallel economy.

The move is likely to cause a great deal of upheaval in India as Mercury will continue to be weak for some time till it crosses Sandhi in Scorpio. Also, Mars afflicts Mercury greatly and in Scorpio both the deep and as yet unclear ramifications of the move will be rendered clear as Scorpio pertains to that which is hidden. Also, it is possible that Scorpio might unravel some of the other motives or guiding thoughts which have led to this decision.

For instance, sample notes of the denomination of INR 2000 were shown during the telecast which are double the value of the INR 1000 note which has been withdrawn as legal tender and so the argument cannot simply be that it is the size of the legal tender which causes trouble. There are questions about the volumes of circulation of the currency notes of higher denominations and it is yet unclear as to when they would be available in sufficient measure as required in legitimate transactions such as withdrawals from the banks.

The debilitation of the Sun (political power, government at the helm) is a concern because a planet in debilitation is at its weakest. In a week's time the ruling Sun will be out of debility and that might create a different prism through which these matters are viewed.

Mars and Saturn are also highly inimical and the exchange is tenuous to say the least. Mars is the significator for litigation and it is not inconceivable that struggles in Court may ensue in order to evaluate the overall soundness of the scheme or policy. Needless to say, the government of a nation can devise economic policy as it deems fit but if on reflection it is found that arbitrariness has presented itself in some manner, then it might render the decision amenable to judicial review.

Jupiter in the sign of Mercury, the Karaka for currency, shows that it is a laudable and elevated thought intended to prevent misuse of the legal tender which has guided the decision, and therefore that the ethical philosophy behind the decision is conceptually sound. It is the presence of the other preceptor Venus in a sign of Jupiter which gives reason to be more circumspect as Venus is not entirely confortable with Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is war and Venus representing the nation state leads to a war on a certain kind of wealth (Jupiter Rashi) in the interest of the country. We cannot forget to see the planetary aspect of Rahu on Venus though which clearly shows that political considerations are very much a factor in the decision-making. Sagittarius is also the sign of debility of Rahu.

It is the weakness of the Sun which might pose issues regarding the soundness of the decision at the level of government policy which is likely to have very far-reaching consequences.

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