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Positions of Planets in Vedic Astrology in October, 2016

As we take stock of the current Vedic Astrology planetary placements in October, 2016, there are many heartening aspects which emerge from this study. Feedback from across the world reveals that people have hitherto largely been in the waiting mode, so to speak, and rightly so.
We were all battling the emergence of some hidden Karma in the past with the Saturn-Mars conjunction in Scorpio; being the 8th sign of the natural zodiac, Scorpio can always be counted on to reveal Karmic surprises and in this instance it was the Yama Yoga of the two dire malefics, which are also inimical to each other which brought about major stresses and conflicts in life. The struggle which is precipitated by the animosity of the planets and the field of play furnished by Scorpio often mimics a life-and-death battle in many ways. With Mars proceeding to friendly Sagittarius and Saturn being left to his own devices, this direct conflict has abated though Saturn continues to bring out past Karma slowly and ponderously with the aim of bringing about requisite transformations in the lives of people.  
For all practical matters in this life, Mercury is one of the most important planets in the Vedic horoscope. Irrespective of the Lagna rising in the Rashi Chart, Mercury is very crucial when it comes to interaction and communication with those around us, our work and careers, the monetary aspect of matters, currency, learning and being awake to the prospect of learning, rationality, all transactional work, currency, trade and commerce, our cousins within the family and a host of such overarching significations that have great importance in our contemporary lives.
Mercury in the past had retrograded to Leo where it joined Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, and while this in itself is enigmatic, leading to brain activity which might now confound those who have been observing this in the past, the main facet was the exchange between the Sun and Mercury. Mercury was in Leo ruled by the Sun and Sun was in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. One might think that this would lead to Sun acting with great strength in Leo and Mercury doing the same but the fact of the matter is that handshakes between those who are not fast friends often harbour hidden agendas. The understanding was tenuous and fraught with danger, also given the proximity of Rahu to the Parivartana Yoga.
However, all this has now abated with the planets changing positions and the chart depicting the planetary positions at this time in October, 2016 are given below-

We find that the fire of Mars is nicely tempered by the knowledge and domain-expertise of Sagittarius and instead of our impulses flashing about here and there, the ambition and drive will be focussed and filtered through that which we have mastered. This is especially positive for those who have either assimilated the lessons of Jupiter in some way or other. It is also directly relevant for those who are working in the realms of Jupiter which basically translates to all intellectual professions. In particular, professors, teachers, lawyers, finance professionals, investment bankers, spiritual practitioners, judges might find that much-needed energy to strongly express that which they know well.
Venus had been debilitated in Virgo earlier and with this our social connections and aesthetics suffered. Sometimes depending on configurations in a given horoscope, Venus significations can go into overdrive and become commonplace since Venus is fallen in Virgo. This less than desirable impact of the transit has now changed to a far more positive one with Venus working to let us do the same from its station in Libra: people are now free to connect with their better halves, partners and spouses and are willing to work on the relationship. Also, people in corporate environments, working with the biological sciences, chemicals and the beauty industry will find the circumstances far more conducive than they have been in the recent past. This is a good time to forge personal bonds as the true foundation can be laid by a strong Venus, without the more pedestrian influences interfering.
It is the conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Sun in Virgo which holds centre-stage at this time. Mercury is exalted in Virgo which basically means that all the significations mentioned above and others that Mercury holds in its domain prosper. Suddenly our expression attains new heights. We are delighted by our friends and are happy to be in their company. Jokes and witticisms abound.
The desire and ability to work and achieve elevated results from those exertions all manifest themselves in affirmative proportion at this time. The success in enterprise is guaranteed by Jupiter to all in general due to its association, altered and modified only by what might be happening in a given person’s own life as regards the Karma.  
This is a tremendous opportunity for striving for growth. There is every intellectual resource available due to the Budha-Aditya Yoga and ever possibility of success in any work undertaken due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury, two great natural benefics.
There is certainly a possibility of deceit from someone who has an exploitative nature but this dampener is outweighed by the fact that our propensity to push the limits can also be used to change the very landscape in which we work.
In Vedic astrology, at this level of working with the dicta of the ancient sages, we are able to pierce the opaque veil of Kaliyuga and find with precision the specific contours of Karma in all areas of our complex contemporaneous lives. Transits are but a general survey of the energies that percolate at a given time. The personal study of lives through the horoscopes of individuals is an exercise at an utterly different level of spiritual focus and concentration, albeit to illuminate all pragmatic and metaphysical facets of a given life.
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