Monday, August 08, 2016

Jupiter Transit in Virgo on August 11, 2016: The Devil is in the Detail

Jupiter is going to transit the sign Virgo from August 11, 2016.

It will immediately be rid of the Guru-Chandala Dosha in Leo, Simha Rashi which is a great positive for Jupiter. In conjunction with Rahu, Guru loses its beneficence though the conjunction can work differently in some cases. Rahu will also find itself better placed in Leo without the company of Jupiter.

The sign Virgo is exacting and perfectionist in nature and hence the devil is truly in the detail for them. Jupiter will expand the nature of Virgo and one will be able to see a surge in commercial activity due to this. Jupiter will also inculcate heavy optimism and bullishness in transactions and here the apprehensive, doubtful nature of Virgo will work as a protective sheath. For Virgo, the matters pertaining to marriage, spouse, partner, business and work will take centre-stage.

For Aries, this is an adverse transit as the benefic grace of Jupiter is lost and if they are running an adverse time in the Vedic horoscope, caution is advised. If in the natal chart, benefic planets are not well-placed then this cautionary note should be considered carefully. For Taurus, this is an excellent transit as Guru will be in a position to confer blessings and give important perspective as to the future. Children, planning, expansion of consciousness and planning for the future will be the dominant themes, as well as the chance to finally get that personal power that one aspires to.

Gemini finds the focus shifting completely to home and properties and younger people with this sign dominant in the Lagna or otherwise will find studies the first priority. As for Virgo, marriage, spouse and work compete for attention with this new focus on home especially if the Dasha of the planet Jupiter is running in a significant scheme. Cancer does not find this a good transit, like Aries, and in fact the blessings of Jupiter seem to be disappearing from view. One is required to fight hard but perspective prevents forceful venturing ahead.

Leo benefits greatly due to the relief from the Guru Chandala Yoga and Jupiter moves to the next sign. This could be a period of consolidation and firming up platforms based on distances covered thus far. Liquidity and finances will improve and the significator blesses these areas. Libra Arudha Lagna is impacted positively as their feet will move in the correct direction though this transit will show heavy spending. For other reference points in Libra, the period could simultaneously indicate auspicious beginnings and loss of prior exertions and projects which had demanded them. Guru is distancing itself from this sign and so depending on configurations in the nativity, the results will come to pass.

Scorpio Arudha is very well impacted because of the transit of Jupiter and so is the Lagna. If gains are to come at this time, based on the planetary placements in the horoscope, then this is a good time for this to happen. Sagittarius benefits greatly with the Amala Yoga and a spotless reputation accrues to the spiritual warrior. The application in work is commendable. For Capricorn, Jupiter may demand explanations as to what is the position of the native in Dharma and gains for the Arudha in this sign will come only after tests and tribulations as Jupiter gets debilitated in this sign. Aquarius can feel some authentic inputs coming in the realm of occult rather than just whims and fancies. Inheritance and chronic health issues can show positive developments. Pisces gets more blessings of the Rishis and these get focused to the excellent attitude in personal relationships and in marriage.

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