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Application of Shadbala in Vedic Astrology

We have written about Shadbala and its crucial importance in predictive Vedic astrology at the advanced levels-

The importance is implicit in the fact that Bala or strength of a planet shows the inherent ability to influence matters within its domain in the horoscope, and thus in life.

But the importance of Shadbala is actually due to the intricacies of its application. This is the reason for our stating that the secrets of Shadbala will not be disclosed even in the privacy and seclusion of consulting. The secrets, hitherto unrevealed, pertain to the rules of application which make Shadbala what it is. Also, as we have stated, Bala comes from Hanuman, the epitome of strength in Hinduism, and to treat the source of strength (Shadbala) without proper respect is to fall foul of the mace of Hanuman.

It is realm such as Shadbala which really deflects our attention from the dominant perspective that centres itself on the Lagna and gives us a standard way of looking at the Rashi Chakra. Bala truly tells us that life does not really manifest only in standard ways but is replete with a myriad perspectives, all more important than the other, especially since all flow directly from the higher echelons of the Shastra.

Let us only take three areas of application, for the purposes of illustration. There are strengths in the system of Shadbala, which are focussed completely on the extent to which a particular kind of planetary strength gives a semblance of power to the native. In other words, this measure of strength gives the native, through the planet, the power to influence the minds of a large number of people, through the significations of the planet. Obvious achievement in society and its deciphering become greatly assisted when this measure of strength is studied and applied in accordance with the system of application given above.

An extremely important measure of strength is related to how and when things of note happen to individuals. This measure of strength is rooted in the filtering of potential through the prism of Time which renders it kinetic. To put it differently, this measure of strength not only indicates which Dashas in the chart are likely to yield fruits if they should be promised, but also how the potential itself is arrayed in crucial areas of life. An instance could be work. We are always looking at the 10th Lord and the 10th House and the Karakas and so on, and so we must, but there are measures of strength which can give us unparalleled insight into achievement and work related application through this system, which insight cannot otherwise be had.

[Note: Some of these calculations are not correctly given in the modern softwares and may have to be separately computed, a brief foray into which gives us an idea of the sort of mathematics our ancestors were doing in the Vedic era.]

Finally, we can look at overarching indications through the Shadbala, if these should manifest in the horoscope. These would indicate overwhelmingly strong abilities and things of that nature. Strengths in this segment can show prowess in one or more avenues of life. This reveals the consequences of knowingly or unknowingly following the agenda of a planet in quite a magnificent way. If this is one end of the diameter, then the other must necessarily show injurious settings in life if such strengths should be lacking and will damage that area of life through the weakness of the planet.
Bala gives the real picture of what a Graha holds within it for a native and without this we cannot really know the basic intent and purport of the planet.

Anurag Sharma
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