Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Understanding Mars in Libra and Venus in Scorpio in December, 2015 in Vedic Astrology

Mars has moved to Libra recently and Venus has moved to Scorpio where it has joined Saturn.
The curious aspect of this transit in Vedic astrology is, that Libra is owned by Venus while Scorpio is owned by Mars, making this an exchange of signs, also called Parivartana Yoga.
Parivartana also means change apart from exchange in astrological parlance. The thing with change is that it occurs within a reference frame of the status-quo. In fact it is this departure from what exists that defines change.
What exists?
Venus has moved to Scorpio (Vrishchika Rashi) and is conjoined Saturn. Scorpio is an intense sign and Venus placed here has deep roots in sensual experience and transformation. The easier, more sociable facets of the planet Venus are not predisposed to manifestation in Scorpio.
Scorpio is owned by Mars and Ketu, the South Node of the Moon. We should contemplate the fact that the signs of Venus and Mars are opposite to each other in the zodiac and that which is opposite, opposes; this is mildly tautological as well but drives home the point.
Also, in glossier parlance women are from Venus while men are from Mars. But in less glossy parlance they are not similar to East which is the East and the West which is the West and never are the twain supposed to meet. Despite the oppositional tendencies of Mars and Venus they are designed to meet, predisposed to meet; in fact much of life is dedicated to the anticipation of this meeting and quite a lot of it in dealing with the aftermath of this meeting.
Saturn in Scorpio is in any case making people dig deep to come up with answers to unresolved matters and secrets and that which lies within. Venus in Scorpio, surrounded by mysterious, super-rational energy is constrained by the structure of Saturn and compelled to reflect and find answers and solutions to matters of beauty, love, romance, marriage and intimate partnerships, apart from what these determinants may stand for in horoscopes, when viewed from varying standpoints.
Mars in Libra is the soldier who finds himself flummoxed in the fashion mall. He looks around trying to find the discipline and logic in things, in the transactions of the market place and amuses himself till the irritation starts to rise. He starts to look for the bunched power in the forearm which went missing in the prettiness that surrounds and the business which is going on. Nothing appears to be forthright. People seems to be only interacting and doing business rather than getting down to the rough and dirty and resolving disputes like proper men. Where are the disputes to start with. He refuses to make way for the person walking towards him and firms up the shoulder, looking for trouble.
Mars looks to Scorpio wistfully where he can retire and with the invisible heat of Ketu make an inventory of the artillery and the casualties in the last war. Venus looks to Libra where it can have a cup of coffee at the fast food outlet and talk its metrosexual talk, which is actually to pave the way for that deal which is in the pipeline.
Mars and Venus wonder why they ever agreed to switch places- they dislike where they are and things are not what they should be. Anger and indignation. They want to go back to their own domains.
We need to recognize the difference in planetary energies, especially when they are oppositional. The relations between Mars and Venus are never easy and yet they attract each other. In Vedic astrology, direct association of Mars and Venus is never considered easy, even when they are conjoined. Keep the aesthetics and the anger under close watch, as to their expectations from each other. Within themselves, both are fine; absolutely fantastic and imperative.
We can use the transit to fortify our financial position as Venus aspects Taurus with planetary aspect. Similarly, our initiative and ambition can continue to be a top priority as Mars aspects from Libra. Mars is quite willing to put in excellent work to this end, as it aspects Capricorn, the epitome of hands-on work.
Nothing can prevent boys from being boys in this transit and right from facial features to financial credentials, there will be many points of attraction. Yet, a balance must be maintained because both Mars and Venus will finally behave as if they were always in their own houses and the brouhaha will end up being an accusation by one party against the other.

These are general themes and will have their say in accordance with the destiny of each but we would do well to recognize the energies.  

Anurag Sharma
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