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Vedic Astrology Forecast for June, 2015

The Vedic astrology forecast for the month of June, 2015 can be made without having to account for too much movement in the planetary positions.

Just as we go into June, we find that Venus (Śukra or Shukra) has moved out of Gemini (Mithuna Rāśi-Rashi) and into Cancer (Karkaṭa or Karkata), joining Gurū (Guru or Jupiter) in the exaltation sign of the latter.

This itself forms the Dwi-Gurū Yoga as the preceptors of both camps are together. While it is true they will both try in right earnest to have their say, and prevail, they are such great benefics that their impact on human beings is entirely welcome, the tussle notwithstanding.

Also, Jupiter in exaltation is likely to prevail which is even better because Venus rules eye-catching significations in our lives, too much of which doesn’t serve any useful purpose.

The chart just on the threshold of June is given below-

Cancer is about home and happiness, and learning. It also works very well for recuperation and notable relief from long-standing physical problems.

In short, blessings are likely to come from Jupiter and Venus in a wide variety of ways depending on the horoscope in question, as well as specifically the fact of location of Karkaṭa Rāśi (Karka Rashi) in the Rāśi Chakra.

These great benefics are not afflicted by the malefic aspect of any planet, and are, for that reason practically unhindered in giving what they wish to give.

The independent treatment of the transit of Jupiter in Leo in July, 2015 has been up at this website for some time now and may be read there.

Saturn (Śani or Shani), the slow one, is in Scorpio (Vṛṣcika or Vrishchika Rāśi) and detailed work is available on this transit, on this website, here, here and here.

Mercury (Budha) is retrograde in the beginning of June in Taurus (Vṛṣabha or Vrishabha Rāśi) and is afflicted by the conjunction of the Sun (Surya) and Mars (Mangala), as well as the aspects of Saturn and Rahu. This is a very serious affliction with all the malefics involved, save Ketu.

The written word and communications in general can be misconstrued and lead to issues arising. Matters left over and not concluded or not commenced may come in now and these often do not pose any problems as far as the effects of retrogression are concerned. If the malefics are supportive in the nativity then the circumstances may be testing but geared towards fruitful outcomes.

Saturn restricts the proper work of Mercury which is transaction and interaction while the association with the Sun and Mars is good for people who work with logic and whose communications must carry a cutting quality. Likewise skin doctors and dermatologists will be working overtime owing to this signification of Mercury suffering.

For those who are brilliant in their work, the aspect of Rahu to Mercury is not really an affliction but a spur to come up with work of a special quality. Pushing rational and intellectual boundaries can occur during this time as a positive manifestation of this association.

Taurus has to do with money, food and family and this is where the main activity is, qualified by the house position tenanted by this sign.

There is great stress between the secret and the visible owing to the mutual aspects between the great enemies Saturn and Sun and Saturn and Mars.

The Sun only moves out of Taurus in the middle of the month when this tension will abate and the Sun will be free to give all sorts of resources from Gemini.
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