Tuesday, January 06, 2015

New Financial Year (Tax and Accounting)- Vedic Astrology

The new financial year in Vedic astrology has nothing to do with the date of April 1 and still it is the commencement of the financial year for accounting and tax purposes and therein lays its significance. 

(Just so that it is clear, the new financial year in Hindu astrology and culture starts on an Amavasya/ Amāvasyā which is the lunar date/ Tithi on which the Moon is conjoined the Sun in the zodiac. This is a dark Moon with no light and yet the financial year starts on this date. It is quite interesting and has classical gems at its core.)

On the more mundane front, April 1 it is, made more interesting only by the fact that it also happens to be Fools Day.

On this April 1, in 2015, Mercury/ Budha, the significator of money, is debilitated in Pisces/ Mīna/Meena Rāśi/ Rashi. This itself is alright though will precipitate stress in money matters for those destined to face that Karma at this time. Else, both exalted and debilitated planets have the capacity to bring money comfort.

Mercury is joined the Sun and Ketu as well and so this is Śiva/ Shiva Yoga, a framework of the highest knowledge in which these matters are precipitating. It is best to adopt a receptive attitude for those experiencing a degree of confusion.

Once this requirement is met then brilliance and original thinking will nudge matters along in the right direction. This is easy to do as Jupiter aspects from Cancer.
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