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Dominance of Planets/ Grahas in the Human Journey in Vedic Astrology/ Jyotisha

Nodding off and sitting up-

Perplexed, he awakes to another world. A world which is required to be seen and understood, that which does not weave itself through the imponderable, the fast and the illusory.

Rahu Dasha-

What is it that weaves itself through the speedy fabric of hedonism and abandon. It is the Rahu Dasha/ Rāhu Daśā. He is perplexed because Rāhu and Ketu are not easy to understand and could have probably befuddled the native endlessly for eighteen years, the period in the Viṃśottarī Daśā/ Vimshottari Dasha scheme.

The Nodes-

The Nodes of the Moon confuse because they are not there in mass- they are there as astronomical or mathematical points. Are they then there or not there. They are not there and yet they are there. They are inflexions of the mind signified by the Moon or Chandra (Cañdra).

Things change-

Why does he awake and not stay perplexed for ever more. The Daśā changes and brings another eclipse of the being to the fore.

Graha, the eclipsing entity-

Eclipse it is and nothing else for the very word Graha is not really to be understood as a planet but as an eclipsing entity which completely overtakes the being. If it were to fail in this task, it would not qualify for the station.

The new eclipse wakens him.

Starting points, and sequences of life experience-

But what about this perplexity. Must it be the beginning of things. Not at all. The beginning can be anything at all. The Moon begins the journey of the mind, as it must. It occupies an asterism or Nakshatra (Nakṣatra) and through this occupation decides not only the beginning of the eclipse but also its order for the decades to come till it all stops. In a manner of speaking.


Karma is the why of things. Grahas are the how of things. Jyotiṣa is everything, the penultimate truth, the Eye of the Veda.

The Mind is the King of all things. It rules the being every moment of his waking life and if the being must acknowledge the soul, it is through the mind.

The Moon-

How does he perceive in the most important ways. It is through the mind and so the strength and placement of the Moon in the nativity is of utmost importance insofar as the reception of these stimuli are concerned.

Actions and reactions-

His actions will more properly require deliberation, or should, through the Paka Lagna where the impulse is processed and ripened into action and reaction.

This is the distinction between the Chandra Lagna and the Udaya Lagna Kundalis.

Paths of research and guidance-

Can confusion not propel towards the light. Yes, it can but it is more like an expedition aimed at optimistic discovery. There are better ways, and this is the difference between Rahu and Guru.

Once he awakes then what happens.


It depends on the respective strengths of Rahu and Guru. In sleep, one may wonder who is Jagannath. In waking one finds out.

Perplexity is a consequence of ignorance and ignorance is a function of the Tamas Guṇa. Darkness prevails and one blunders about. Darkness breeds fear and guesswork. Research comes from not knowing and is doubtlessly contingent on brilliance for its progress and successful culmination.

Matter and spirit-

Rāhu wants and aspires to things, which is welcome in the world of Maya, for without these what is the material journey. But this is anathema to spiritual progress because if one is perpetually embroiled in the controversy of comparison and accrual, then it can obscure the light. Spirit and matter are often at loggerheads for this reason but then such is life.

The brides of the mind-

Mind in itself is fickle and moves. It flits across the landscape of Karma and likes the other and does not think much of what is. When the other becomes what is, the Mind treats it the same way unless it is guided by higher principles and the begetting is informed by value. Value is the domain of Jupiter/ Guru.

Value, the politics of poverty-

Without value nothing is anything. Flesh and bone and metal and dirt. Without value one gets Nihilism, anarchy. The problems of lowliness become the flavor to gather that which could otherwise never come. Grief and despair are flashed about as potential power. Poverty is sold at a high price. (Aam Aadmi.) Jupiter is the true democrat, who values the common man as a human being/ Jīva not like another who sells the image of the common man as proof of all that is wrong to self empower. Revolution is not always what it appears to be (to those at whom it is directed).

The King-

But then who is to say. It is the Sun who is to say. The Sun is the King in the natural hierarchy of things. Rulership comes naturally to the Sun. But the Sun burns and cannot be someone’s best friend.

Naisargika Maitri/ Natural friendships-

Moon as the mind does not care who is influencing it. It has no enemies. When with its changeability the Moon is influenced by Rāhu, with brilliance and aspiration and ambition can come the darkness of lack of light, of Tamas and deviance. A strong Jupiter and a strong Rāhu far apart from each other can make for the best of both the worlds. It is rare and should be but here is a person you can repose your faith in, to guide you through every nook and cranny of this lifetime.


He is perplexed because value could not be affixed properly or value was inaccurately placed where it should not have been. Maybe the value was not honoured. Value failed to deliver. Largely value is not put. One blunders and flounders. (Undergraduates have all the license; those who are blessed with value shine differently.) Rahu shines too but with an unstable brilliance which youngsters cannot harness.

Shani/ Saturn-

Everybody Fears Saturn and this one will never ride the popularity charts. But Śani is especially severe on youngsters, simply because they are not old and do not understand the ways of old men. Saturn is an old man.

The quality of affection-

It should come from only the Moon but does not always, because of the associations of the Moon. If Rāhu associates, then the bigger the shock the more was the love, in retrospect. If Saturn associates, then sadness fills every vein and makes for an arteriosclerosis all of its own kind. If both Saturn and Rāhu associate then you might disappear, perhaps to reappear or never to appear, depending on who you are- the quality of the Moon and the Lagna Lord. Destiny, Ārūḍha Padas, change of Dasha. If planets like Venus associate, no discussion is required except when there are tiffs and subsequent return to proper form. Jupiter gives value and meaning and marriage as does Venus in its own way, in love marriage or Gandharva Vivaha.

It should come only from the Moon but does not. It comes from the 7th Lord, the Dārāpada/ Darapada, and above all the Navamsha chart- the destiny of togetherness and/ or separation.

No longer perplexed-

Ignorance is bliss but only if you simply wish to come and go. Perspective comes slowly as do all great things. Jupiter is a heavy and slow planet. With removal of perplexity may come sweets and lack of hankering, and weight, both literally and figuratively.

Is it really only this? Darkness versus clarity. No.


Karma follows the human being just as a calf follows its mother. You cannot shake it off and others cannot deprive you of what is yours. Which is which and who is who. Hence the Vedanga Jyotisha.

Class I­-

All those who now, after reading this, feel Vedic astrology is for those who do not have a clue and are wasting their time, raise their hands.

Class II-

The game of cricket, at least as it (then) was teaches one thing if that- form is temporary, but class is permanent. Form maps to Daśā and maturity of planets and houses while class maps to the overall strength of the entire horoscope.

The overall strength of the entire horoscope. In the Rāśi Chakra this will involve planets and houses too as in the all-important divisional charts/ Varga Chakra. Then? Good form is strong or benefic planets and bad form is malefic or weak planets. Sometimes the time is right for something and sometimes for something else. Sometimes the time is not right.

Class III-

Popularity in class as in life is a function of form and class both as are both things. If bad form overshadows class temporarily it need not mean the class will not shine through. It may shine through to change the course of thought, of things, of people. It may shine.

Appearance and reality-

He may not be necessarily lying if he turns out to be a bit different than you initially thought. Appearance is Ārūḍha Padas and reality is Bhavas from the Lagna. Sometimes people pretend but that is a deliberate act fuelled by a Graha. Sometimes pretension can become a way of life owing to weakness or affliction.

Be yourself because you are-

You are born with a Lagna and the Lagna lord, with an Ātmakāraka, with an Ārūḍha Lagna. Your possible identities are well identified. There is no personality crisis possible after Jyotiṣa comes in or is brought in or advice is taken. If you are who you are then being someone else is a result of trauma or carelessness or not knowing. The Eye of the Veda can make you see yourself in the mirror of the charts. Don’t like what you see? Remedy it through the Śāstra.

Sooner, later-

Sooner is more pleasing to the eye and later is difficult. Sooner is fructification while later requires a lot more for it, usually self exertion and burning in the smithy of past Karma. Sooner is probably benefics or fast malefics while later is invariably a test. All good things to those who wait (provided they are written).  


He does not know at the outset, perhaps never, but he might have to atone for distant Karma long forgotten to which the mortal eye is oblivious. Penance can take many forms but the discharging of debt is painful, slow. Hard penance is harder still in surrounds similar to where the solitary fires of the departed burn. He cannot run and he cannot hide. What is must be, and what must be, is. As simple as that.

Three cheers-

Nothing succeeds like success. Everybody worships the rising Sun. Sometimes the soul can push through the flotsam and the jetsam and a point-device man receives accolades even in an unexpected time. The riddle needs to be continually addressed until it becomes obvious even to the untrained. Sisyphus and Apollo.


Are always students in this realm in a manner of speaking and yet others can come to them and obtain always endlessly.  They pause and consider the quality of time to discern the tenor of the claps and their gravity or indeed the requirement of the force to plod through. And other things.


Yoga manifests. Yoga will out. There is no picking and choosing. Everything must have its say and yet one aspect prevails. The Ātmakāraka for instance is king and the forgotten soul is actually running the show behind the scenes of play.

Reminding the forgotten-

Assailed, one runs. Runs long and hard and does not stop for fear of the terrible assailants catching up. Vāyu is fast paced, strong, and speed and strength are required if one is being asked to demonstrate survival in real life. The landscape changes so fast that one is forgotten by oneself.

The reminder comes in due course, if it has to. The change will reflect in the charts, as do all other things.


We have favourites because they are so good. A favourite in an unlikely time is a secret window of reprieve. In another, likely time, it can be and probably should be destiny. Nobody dislikes salt unless the doctor says so.

After lack comes abundance-


Matter of right-

Some things come as a matter of right and if the debts have been discharged, they should be accepted with silent grace. Some planets receive as a matter of right in certain placements. They might govern the field and when found there will have nothing less than the best, highest. I sit on an exalted throne and I am exalted.

This part, that part-

Life is sometimes compartmentalised and some divisions are better, some worse. These life areas are studied through the divisional charts which though derived from the Rāśi Chakra are independent in themselves and have their unique rules of interpretation. He works differently, and marries in another fashion, acquires property in another way while his relationship with the elders is something else entirely.


The old soul is not perplexed but weary of its ancient journey. Laughter of the guileless child is good. Mercury. A few jokes. A turn of phrase. A pun or two. The dynamic of commerce and transaction.


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