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Vedic Astrology Transits: Evaluating the Psychological State of Being, Legislative Assembly Elections in Delhi Through the Moon Transit on 7th and 8th February, 2015

The Vedic Astrology sidereal Moon/ Chandra/ Cañdra transits into Virgo/Kanya/ Kanyā on 7th February, 2015 and is likely to alter the emotional and social experience during its stay in the sign.

For one thing the transit Moon is conjoined Rahu/ Rāhu, who is bitterly opposed to the Moon and is forever trying to eat up the luminaries- it is another matter that they emerge as there is no torso with Rāhu and it is a head.

Delhi, India also goes into the polls for the Legislative Assembly elections with this combination and some mass hysteria and fears, doubts about curtailing the free flow of the polls may come in. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has gone in with a very strong public wave behind it but there may be views about conspiracies that may be aired as Rahu changes the game somewhat. 

The transit especially impacts the Delhi Legislative Assembly elections polls as Virgo/ Kanya Rashi rules Delhi. 

The transit chart is given below-


Issues pertaining to work, job, service, daily tasks, wealth, ambition and available resources might beset the mind as Rāhu shows escalated thought which tends to overpower other stimuli.

The Moon of course is the primary natural index of the emotional and social cognizance and flux and its transits affect our moods and interaction with other people.

Rāhu’s association with the Moon can inculcate dread and imagined fears and a rather lamentable emotional state of being. At the same time, some may feel an odd sense of power arising from this massive stress as there appears to be no option but to accomplish; the other side of the spectrum promises a largely fictitious ruination. This power comes usually if there are combinations in the natal horoscope/ Rāśi Chakra assuring this sort of extreme, stressed emergence of personal power.

For these people and also for others ambition will be a dominant strain and for this there will be great creativity and elevation coming into the thinking with a view to high attainment, albeit in a coerced sort of scenario as far as the mind is concerned.

Mars, another malefic, is aspecting the transit Moon with its 8th House aspect leading to Curse of the Moon. There will be a sense of war, a conflict between opposites as both Maṅgala and Rāhu are eager and willing to enter battle with each other. In this strife and aspiration for victory/Vijaya Yoga the delicate Moon is caught in the crossfire- Mars debilitating its gentle thirst for comfort and Rāhu threatening to annihilate it completely.

In the election scenario instances of violence cannot be ruled out due to this combined influences of Rahu and Mars as Rahu apart from indicating political machinations is also the significator for mobs and pressure groups. 

Remedial measures will be required in some cases where the transit triggers stress points in the nativity. The other manifestations of the transit will have to be judged in each case from the relevant Bhāvas impacted from the Udaya Lagna and the Ārūḍha Lagna.

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