Monday, June 02, 2014

Latest Vedic Astrology Newsletter On Jupiter, Rahu-Ketu & Saturn Transits in 2014

The link below takes the reader to the latest Newsletter pertaining to the immediately forthcoming Jupiter transit to Cancer on June 19, 2014, that of the Rahu-Ketu axis to Virgo-Pisces in July, 2014 and the Saturn transit to Scorpio in November, 2014. The Newsletter contains links to the Vedic Astrology/ Jyotisha/ Jyotiṣa articles already published on this webpage relating to the transits of the slow moving, outer planets/ Bāhya Graha mentioned in the preceding lines.

The Vedic Astrology Newsletter also speculates on the increasing usage, in the approaching years, of even higher aspects of Vedic Astrology in the long-standing consulting variants on this web resource, encouraged by the rigorous work in the preceding years where familiarity has been inculcated with the classical and traditional dicta of Vedic Astrology.

This Newsletter is general and introductory in nature and future Newsletters may or may not be directly available to the general populace, apart from consulters, weblog subscribers and others connected to this website.

The link to the Newsletter follows- 

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