Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jupiter/ Guru Transit/ Gochara to Capricorn/ Makara Rashi in December, 2008


Several requests have been forthcoming regarding the upcoming Gochar of Guru to Makar Rashi on December 9, 2008. While one may write a detailed view on the subject at a later time, when time should permit, the fact is that Makar is the Neecha Rashi for Guru and thus the element of faith and belief and access to esoteric wisdom may go down. Strictly in terms of individual freedom, where the soul of the Jatak is advanced in its Karmic journey, Guru in transit weakness may make for situations where the native is left free from constricting ideas about what is good and proper. In one's mind this is a major question, as to the essential constructs of human ethics. Just as there are innumerable parallel universes of choice depending on personal metaphysics, the Dharmic code for people would also vary according to their own development.

Debilitated planets in the radix have the capability to give enormous money but this comes through people who are facing great distress in life just as the Neecha/ debilitated planet indicates. We could observe the Gochar of Guru to determine whether in charts where say Guru Dasha is running in the relevent or predominant Dasha system for that nativity, and there are other factors that indicate financial bounty, whether the transit debility of the planet in fact furthers the capacity for accrual.

Else, the transit muct be judged from the Lagna, Lagna Lord, Moon, AL, and the Narayan Dasha Rashi taken as the temporary Lagna.

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