Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Effectively Navigating And Benefitting From Vedic Astrology Consultancy & Research

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For a quick reference to some of the variants of the professional work available on this website please see-

For information and insights to aid you in availing professional help in your circumstances and making a reasoned choice see-

While acutely personalised consulting is not published at all on the website, work in the nature of elaborate life readings and understanding the Karma actuating the life of the person at the broad physical level and in the various specific environments of life such as marriage, career, children et al see-

For heavily customised work incorporating various types of professional consulting work into one exhaustive analysis/ paper tailored to the requirements of the consulter see- and

For a recently uploaded albeit modified sample of work relating to the Tithi Pravesha Chakra or the Annual Chart Analysis see-

For elaborate work relating to marital and intimate-romantic compatibility between individuals at various levels such as intellectual, behavioural, emotional, social, sexual and other such you may wish to study for instance-

For writing relating to the transits/ Gochara of the planets you may wish to keep abreast of the following papers and posts-

For daily Vedic/  Hindu/  Indian astrological horoscope predictions, one may refer to the following and similar URLs-

For astrological insights into current affairs and matters of topical interest see the following internal links and pages-

Some original thoughts and classical dicta explained may be read in these and other posts respectively-

These are only some of the links-this website contains exhaustive material to help you choose so that issues in your life may be directly and effectively addressed.

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