Monday, July 11, 2011

The Bomb Blast at the Delhi High Court: A Vedic Astrology Perspective

Delhi High Court was assailed by a massive bomb blast leading to the loss of many lives and many injuries. This occurred at 10:17 AM on 7.9.2011 (7th September, 2011).

A Jyotish perspective follows.

The Rashi Chart for the moment is given below:


It can be seen that Tula Lagna rises with the Lagna Lord and 8th Lord Venus placed in the Badhak Sthana in the 11th House. This is also called the Hara Sthana where Shiva takes away due to excesses being the natural Pada of the 6th House of Danda/ punishment.

There are three planets in the Badhak Sthana including the powerful Badhak Ravi and the Vara Lord Budh.

The Hora lord of the hour at the time was Mangal and Budh and Mangal and Budh are totally opposed to each other.

Budh is placed in Magha Nakshatra ruled by Ketu (terrorist foot soldier) while Ketu is placed in the 8th House (secret operations). Rahu the mastermind is placed in Ayush debility in Vrishchik Rashi/ Scorpio curtailing longevity of the people (Moon).

Chandra/ the Moon is aspected by Rahu and Mangal with Graha Drishti. Mangal is in Bhagya Sthana indicating the law and judiciary, courts and lawyers. It is the worst Graha for the Tula Lagna being the Marakesh.

It is placed in the Rashi of the Vara Lord placed in the Badhak Sthana in the 11th House. The Vara Lord Budh can give its results both during the day as well as in the night.

The Navamsha also indicates the true picture.


Rahu is very strong in the Navamsha in Kumbha and infuses the poison of planning and scheming through the 5th Bhava of the Rashi Chakra. Mangal the Hora Lord is Vargottama, severely impacting the Lagna.

Guru in retrogression is in Simha Amsha acting through the Badhak Sthana showing that the foot soldiers of the terrorists (Ketu) have acted on the command of a diabolical terror-oriented  religious preceptor.

The Badhak Ravi becomes extremely malefic being debilitated in the Navamsha showing fallen Dharma (read erroenous ideas of enlightenment/ release/ pleasing God) and works through the Lagna in Rashi according to the Navamsha Tulya Rashi, giving effects of the debilitated Badhak in the Lagna.

Om Tat Sat

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