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Saturn Transit in Virgo, 2009/ Shani Gochar in Kanya, 2009

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On the eve of Lord Saturn’s transit into Kanya Rashi/ Virgo, many people are wondering, some with apprehension, some with a sense of relief, depending on which side of Simha Rashi/ Leo they might be, as to what the effects of this movement might bring for them.
Shani’s sojourn in Simha/ Leo has been one in an inimical/ Shatru Rashi lorded by the glorious Surya/ Sun, the father of Saturn. The two planets are opposed to each other and the power and authority of Leo derived from the lordship of the Sun proves to be antithetical in many ways to the being, nature and functions of Saturn.
For these reasons and others the past two-and-a-half years have not been best for matters either Leonine or Saturnine as these two conflicting entities have been coalesced with each other. The matters have been compounded for those having to go through Kantak Shani/ Dhaiyya either from the Lagna, Arudha Lagna or the Chandra Rashi/ Moon sign or indeed those in the throes of the Sade-Sati itself. As a corollary, matters have been eased for those undergoing any of the difficult transits of Saturn with reference to the natal horoscope if they have been offering prayers, performing remedial measures, running god Mahadasha/ Antardasha sequences and like astrological/ Jyotish factors.
As always, the Rudra Chamakam and the Shani Chalisa remain good ways to try and appease the Lord of Karma.
Virgo: For those having Kanya Rashi or the natal Moon posited in the sign, this is the white-hot phase of the Sade-Sati when Saturn transits the natal Moon. whatever anxieties and stresses they have been going through in the first one-third of the Sade-Sati may be expected to continue and become somewhat more direct. An exception may be made for those either born in the Sade-Sati or born with the Shani-Chandra Yoga in the radix as these natives are more accustomed to the energies of Saturn. This is not to say that Saturn manifests differently; rather these people are more used to the manifestations of Saturn and so feel the impact less.
The impact on the intelligence and health as to perceived areas of discomfort may be gleaned from the Ascendant/ Lagna rising in the Rashi Chakra in the natal horoscope as this would indicate the Bhava or the house in the chart that Saturn will transit. For instance for those with Virgo Ascendant and Virgo Moon sign the impact would be two-fold as the health, decision-making, life circumstances, and intellectual inclination judged from the Lagna would be influenced as too would the emotional cognizance and societal flux judged from the Moon.
In such cases, the positioning of the Lagna Lord is of utmost importance as the Arudha Lagna shall be derived there-from and if the transit is good from the Arudha Lagna, then materially and status-wise the native is still protected to some extent if only by the absence of trouble from the reference of the Arudha Lagna. The Arudha Padas which are transited over also bear testimony to the area under stress, say for instance, if the Mantra Pada/ A5 were to be transited in addition to the above-stated factors, and if the 5th Lord, Bhava and Naisargika Karaka were to support this then progeny might be one area through which food for thought might come.
In this manner it is clear that the analysis of the transit has to be done from various standpoints and in the manner given above.
Due to the difference in the nature of the Moon and that of Saturn, the Sade-Sati infuses less than desirable mental constructs which are in turn occasioned by the basic difference in the twp constituent Grahas.

Furthermore, the basic essentials of the heart of the Sade-Sati have to be recapitulated. If there are psychological infirmities or vulnerabilities inherent in the chart then the transit of Saturn over the Mon itself can be a time of significant inner churning and turmoil. These mental attributes may be judged from a simultaneous evaluation of the natal Moon, the 4th House, the 4th Lord and the 4th House and Lord as reckoned from the Moon. Likewise these facets have to be examined in the Navamsha Chakra as well.
Thus, generally speaking people with Virgo Moon sign would be well-advised to be conservative in their emotional constructs and try and convince the mind that this is only a temporary phase. Much of the tests will be conditioned by the nature of Shani’s Gochar from the Lagna and the Arudha Lagna. The applicable conditional Dashas and the Mahadasha and Antardasha sequences therein as too the Vimshottari Dasha and the Narayan Dasha will infuse their own event based, societal and circumstantial inputs and the overall life experience will be an amalgam of all this and more.
In transits, the Ashtakavarga strengths of the houses have also to be judged to gauge the impact of the Saturn transit. A score of 24 Bindus or points is generally thought desirable.
Saturn can bring exclusion, pain and humiliation in quanta determined by the radix placements in the Rashi Chakra, Navamsha Chakra and the Shashthyamsha Chakra. This is modified by the Karma performed in the given incarnation and these altering dynamics are best gleaned from the Prashna Chakra/ Horary Charts.
The Chandra Rashi is the mental and societal personality of the native and the transit of the planet ruling the dispensing of Karma over the gentle and impressionable Moon can be a life-altering experience. All this is conditional on the overall theme of life for a given person and the role of suffering whether to the end of attaining higher ground, to purge the undesirable or some other metaphysical variant depends on the same.

In a nutshell, the whimsical and adamant nature of the mind, or some other frailty rooted in the personality is quite likely to be challenged by the Gochar of Shani because the Chandra Rashi is the emotional self of the person. The native might feel a certain coldness from others in interaction and a lack of warmth even from near and dear ones if some such Karma is otherwise on the anvil of fructification.
On the positive and inwardly pro-active and meaningful side, the person undergoing the Sade-Sati and especially those with Kanya Rashi have to inculcate an inner discipline of silence because in the usual routine of life, the mind is engrossed in enjoyment and Bhoga and its inherently unwilling to apply itself to foundational human metaphysic; its nature is that of creation, procreation as indicated by the favoured Nakshatra or lunar asterism or mystic bride of the Graha: Rohini as too the fact that the circumstantial preferred zone lies in Vrishabh Rashi/ Taurus. This is a realm of comfort, Bhoga, financial structures, richness in food and life and revelling in the throes of luxury. Obviously the stark deprivation induced by Saturn is not to the liking of the gentle Graha whose comfort zone lies elsewhere.
The essence of this is that in this time of conventional adversity, one may attempt to delve deep into the nature of the psyche and existence and educate oneself so that the coming years may be lived with greater maturity, awareness and success. In fact if this is meant to happen it will, but those spiritually talented or meant to attain higher ground either with reference to their erstwhile existence or even otherwise in the context of an objective and external reference frame, may wade through the somewhat rigorous Karma with this understanding.

As always, one of the crucial determinants would be the picture as derived from the operation of the Moola Dasha because Saturn on the one hand is a Karmic planet and on the other Moola Dasha indicates the root of past Karma.
Aries: For Aries Lagna, Arudha Lagna and Chandra Rashi, the transit of Saturn in Virgo is a singular bonus because Saturn would be in the 6th Bhava from the first house, depending on the reference point chosen.
The 6th Bhava is considered to be a Dusthana/ evil house in standard Hindu Jyotish and governs illness, debts and enemies amongst other things. For all such matters indicated by the 6th House, Saturn is the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator. As the Karaka of the house/ Bhava it is considered excellently placed in the 6th Bhava, especially from the Lagna as it destroys enmity and has Amrita Drishti on the 8th Bhava of longevity with its special 3rd House Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect thereby protecting the length of life. It also has the Latta/ Kick aspect or the special 10th House Graha Drishti on the 3rd Bhava from the Lagna which is also a malefic Bhava ruling inter alia effort/ Parakrama and a malefic influence here is considered welcome.
Even in the principles of Argala/ intervention as taught in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, a malefic placed in the 3rd Bhava from any reference point is conducive to success after initial striving and makes for Vipreeta Argala.
The other more routine 7th House aspect of Saturn to the relatively quieter and somewhat obscure 12th House indicates the desire of the Graha to get away from the routine of things and is not damaging especially keeping in mind the great intensity and damage that can otherwise be caused by the special Graha Drishti of Shani to more vulnerable junctions in the horoscope.
If the transit occurs from Aries/ Mesha Arudha Lagna or another self-indicator Arudha Pada or for that of the spouse, the Upapada Lagna, this is a time of two-and-a-half years of victory and riding roughshod over the opposition. It is the wheel of Karma turning to torment your tormentors.

Taurus: Saturn in Virgo happens to be in trines/ Trikona to Vrishabh Rashi which is not an ideal placement but if the other chart factors are not overly adverse then one cannot read too much into this transit. Over the past transit, Shani in Simha/ Leo was in the 4th Bhava from Taurus and thus mental peace, the element of happiness could have been hampered as the 4th Bhava controls happiness or Sukha. As stated earlier much would depend on the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator Moon, the 4th Lord and the 4th House from the Moon. If the Arudha Lagna is in Taurus, again the trinal transit of Saturn cannot be said to be auspicious and in both cases may beget negative thinking. For those prone to depressive thoughts this is not a good transit at least in this realm and carefully calculated remedial measures should be undertaken if the same are required.
The 5th House relates to power, progeny and Mantra and if these attributes show excellent fructification through Dasha systems acting on potent Rajayoga then the transit of Saturn may only make the events slow to happen. On the other hand, if the indications of these areas are stressed then the transit may not lead to good results.
Gemini: For people with Mithun Lagna the transit will impact the 4th House and so home and inner peace become the focal areas of concern. This would be especially so for those with Mithun Chandra Rashi as the Graha would be transiting the 4th Bhava therefrom. The 4th House relates to the cure being the 9th House from the 8th House of chronic and more troublesome ailments and also being 5th House of the future of treatment, when reckoned from the 12th House of hospitals and medical attention. For those with health ailments, the transit of Saturn in Virgo may precipitate some long standing health issues.
One also might be expected to determine the real connotations of happiness and inner peace as Saturn will pose questions in this regard. When Saturn impacts the factors related to emotions and mental constructs, then the native is usually required to appreciate the function and utility of silence and conventional pressure as this will open some parts of awareness that usually remain concealed in the daily run of things.
The other fine tuning of the effects of the transits must be done with the use of the various Karakas for the 4th House, namely Moon for mother and mind, Venus for vehicles, Mars for landed property, Ketu for apartments and residential construction, Saturn for agricultural property, Jupiter for happiness etc. and the situation in the various Varga Chakra such as Navamsha Chakra, Chaturthamsha and the like as crystallised through the analysis of the applicable Dasha systems as given in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Jaimini Sutra and other Jyotish classics.

Cancer: For Karka Rashi, the Sade-Sati is over now and the long trials for the emotional and receptive people with this Chandra Rashi are now a thing of the past. Saturn has tested your mettle with painstaking patience and resilience and though He has heard your prayers in time of acute distress, He has not been able to accede to the prayer for complete mitigation, as these were matters of Karma and had to have their play. Some of you have become unrecognisable from who you were prior to the transit and this is mostly due to the assimilation of some quite harsh lessons learnt.
For such people, though they find themselves conventionally, socially and financially damaged at the present time due to the Gochar of Shani and perhaps due to other Karmic factors that operated at the same time, you would be required to make liberal use of the lessons learnt in attaining higher ground over the coming years. For those blessed with Rajayoga in the natal horoscope, and the constituent Grahas/ planets have Argala/ intervention/ influence over all three references of the Lagna/ Ascendant, Arudha Lagna and the Atmakaraka the journey would become very interesting indeed as you are likely to experience the other extreme of achievement and happiness at the indicated time.
Shani travels to the 3rd Bhava from Karka in Kanya/ Virgo and no matter which out of the Lagna, Arudha Lagna and the Atmakaraka are taken, the transit impact will be excellent. The 3rd Bhava denotes effort, courage and Parakrama and Saturn being a malefic furthers and promotes the same. The 3rd Bhava is a part of the Upachaya Bhavas, the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th and therefore indicate growth. Saturn does not give injurious results in the transit in this house though it does have Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect on the 5th Bhava of the intellectual mind and progeny and also on the Bhava of father and Bhagya, the 9th.
Leo: For those with Leo Moon sign/ Simha Rashi, the Sade-Sati continues in its last leg and here finances might be the focal area along with the dependent family/ Kutumba. For those with Leo Ascendant, and Moon elsewhere unconcerned with the Sade-Sati and Kantak Shani, the main challenge has been to health and modes of thinking. Depressive thoughts and negativity may have shown themselves to such natives over the past two and a half years and those indications will now abate if the same were capable of being linked primarily to the Saturn transit.
The tastes of the individual are governed by the Lagna. The transit of Saturn over the Lagna may give a penchant for foods that might not be best for one’s health. It may also make for irregular eating habits and other issues relating to the ingestion of food and drink. There is a chance of such things abating for Leo Lagna people and fast food etc might make a quiet exit unless a characteristic of the Rashi Chakra otherwise.
In certain cases, those with Leo Lagna/ Ascendant could experience unusual events in married life if they happen to be running the Mahadasha/ Antardasha of Shani in either the Vimshottari Dasha scheme or any other conditional Nakshatra-based Dasha system given in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. The reason is that Saturn is the 7th Lord of marriage for such people and transiting in Virgo, it happens to be in the 8th House from the 7th which can bring secret alliances out of marriage or involvement with people who are married. Of course, merely transits cannot create such events but the same will be precipitated by the transit if it is promised in the Rashi Chakra through Yogas involving the 7th House/ Lord, the Upapada Lagna, the Navamsha Chakra and the Shashthyamsha Chakra.
For people suddenly confronted with such Karma, a detailed evaluation of the Yogas in the radix has to be undertaken in order to properly understand what the future holds. For example, if the nodes and/or the 2nd House or lord is majorly involved with either the 7th House lord or the 7th Lord and/or the 2nd Lord of the Rashi Chakra associates with the 2nd and 7th Houses/ Lords respectively in the Navamsha Chakra, such events are to be viewed very seriously as they may hold the Karmic seeds of altering life completely. If the Moola Dasha is the Shashthyamsha Chakra also supports such events, then they will continue towards culmination.
Otherwise, Shani is much more at ease in Kanya Rashi than it was in Simha and so at a natural level of Karma, Leo may feel a sense of relief. There was a severe clash between their innate nature and the presence of the antithetical Shani in Lagna before the transit change of signs.
These unusual events may solidify or leave after Guru changes signs on December 19, 2009 and enters Kumbha/ Aquarius which is the 7th House for Leo. At the moment, perspective and true insight is lacking because Guru is very badly afflicted in Guru Chandala Yoga with Rahu and that too in the 6th Bhava from the Lagna. Such people must await the onset of benefic wisdom in December before they exercise true and deliberate choice.
Libra: For Tula Rashi, this is an interesting time. Technically, the Sade-Sati has begun as Shani has entered Kanya/ Virgo, the sign immediately preceding Libra.
There is a lot to say for the various roles/ lordships assigned to each planet for the twelve Lagnas rising. For Tula Lagna/ Rashi/ Arudha Lagna, Shani is Yogakaraka lording both Kendra/ quadrant, and Trikona/ trine, and is thus capable of rendering Rajayoga on its own without support from another Graha. Thus, without opening the horoscope one may say that the planet lording Karma is well-disposed at the natural level towards those with Tula Rashi rising in the Lagna and also for those with the Moon posited in this sign and Vishesha Lagna/ special Ascendants falling in this sign such as Arudha Lagna, Hora Lagna and Sree Lagna etc.
In other words, one may venture that Shani does not wish to dispense onerous Karma for such natives and while all life is but a play of Karma, this might be kept in mind. However, the thing with horoscopes is that they must be opened and read in order for anything meaningful to emerge from horoscopy and Tula Lagna is no exception.
So, it will be on opening and reading the Tula Lagna chart that one would understand the specific disposition of Shani towards the native. For instance if Shani is afflicted in the Lagna in Marana Karaka Sthana then its innate willingness to spare the Tula native is curbed and health, personality and overall life circumstance might show stresses and fissures. On the other hand if it is weak and afflicted in a Dusthana, it will be creative of massive Vipreeta Raja Yoga. Likewise, if it is favourably placed with good planets, Rajayoga will come if Argala exists from the relevant reference points.
Having discussed the background principles for this sign, it must be said that the Sade-Sati even for Tula Rashi will alter the emotional framework of the native and it will be almost as notable for them as for anyone else unless the Moon and Saturn are both excellent in the horoscope. Like everybody else, intimate relations and character and dislocation might show themselves for the reason that the 12th Bhava from the Moon happens to be in trines to the 4th Bhava of home and personal life. The 12th shows the fructification of the inner world and in itself, the 12th Bhava happens to be dissipating for the Lagna under consideration and therefore promotes movement away.
Sleep may be disturbed because of this transit and if the 9th House in the Rashi Chakra shows affliction and activation through Dasha then there may be nightmares as well. Much would depend on the location of the Lagna and the Arudha Lagna. If the Sade-Sati is accompanied by Kantak Shani from either of the other two referents, then chanting of the correct stanza from the Sri Rudra Chamakam based on the degrees of Shani in the radix is absolutely essential. Even otherwise, for those going through either Sade-Sati or Kantak, this is an excellent remedy. Those who do not have access to a good Jyotishi may chant the 3rd Stanza of the Chamakam 11 times daily, facing east, starting Saturday morning after bathing. The 3rd stanza gives Parakrama to face the adversity.
Such people would be well-advised to prepare themselves for major inner transformation over a period of over 7 years during the subsistence of the Sade-Sati, till Saturn exits Scorpio/ Vrishchik. It is another thing to say that if the person has a strong horoscope and Saturn is otherwise causative of strong Yoga, then the Sade-Sati may deliver material windfall occasionally through Saturnine activities related to stone quarrying, mining, underground, fuels etc.

Scorpio: Vrishchik Rashi has also begun to breathe easier because Shani had been transiting the 10th Bhava from the Rashi and forming Kantak Shani, impeding the desire and ability to work, during its sojourn in Leo. Now, this has abated and Scorpio will be able to focus more on how to shine and be at their personal zenith. The 10th House is high noon and indicates the area of Karma. With Shani there in Gochar, the manifest Karma and actions of the native performed on the stage of world events take a beating. Progress is slow and the person becomes lazy in their actions.
Contrariwise, as Shani indicates slogging and working long, back-breaking hours, the person may have had to put up with the feeling that there was an element of thanklessness in all the hard labour. Appreciation and the benefits from such work do not come easy in such situations.
In this manner we can understand that there is more to hard work than meets the eye. Hard work should not be without its rewards and results as is often the case when Saturn influences the 10th House, either in the radix or in transit or both. To counter such situations the person must address Shani through the correct Mantra so that work may be in proportion to attainment.
Shani in Kanya happens to be in an Upachaya Bhava for the Scorpio natives and the malefic presence in the 11th Bhava is not adverse. For those with Scorpio Moons, this is the time to gear up and use the two years and more for ambitions because hereafter, when Saturn enters Libra, the Sade-Sati would start for Vrishchik Rashi.
Likewise for the people with Scorpio Lagna and the Arudha Lagna: this is a time for fulfilment of desires and material gains if such indications are otherwise supported in the horoscope.
However, here the peculiarity is that Saturn aspects Vrishchik with Graha Drishti/ planetary sight and this can bring some sort of inexactitude in personal thinking, negativity and such emotions. Those persons with Scorpio Ascendant in the Rashi Chakra in the horoscope and having afflicted Paka Lagna/ Lagna Lords need to be careful in matters of health because Saturn is the significator for ill-health.
Likewise aspects, or the special aspects of Saturn being to the 3rd and 10th Houses, need to be evaluated and considered for all signs of the zodiac and implications understood in light of the natal placements. An accomplished astrologer can correlate the transit of Saturn with any vulnerable life areas that might be triggered through either Mahadasha/Antardasha or some other manner and suggest recourse accordingly.
For example, continuing with Scorpio for the moment, one may appreciate that from the 11th House Saturn would aspect the 5th House, even though not with a special aspect and since this house relates to children and the perception of the person, Jupiter, the 5th House and Lord have to be studied in order to gauge the impact of the Saturn transit on any of these areas. Once again the Guru Chandala Yoga in the skies at the present time has to be appreciated in order to understand the quanta of Jupiter’s grace available to humanity.

Sagittarius: Saturn in Virgo for Dhanu people forms Kantak Shani as Virgo is the 10th House reckoned therefrom. Work will be directly impacted and the person may not feel that rewards are readily forthcoming.
In case of any doubt also use the Ashtakavarga system while evaluating the impact of Saturn transits and see the point wise strength of the Bhava in question.
Saturn in the 10th House has Pradhana Argala on the 7th Bhava of marriage and spouse. It is for this reason that for those with good careers a good influence on the marriage and spouse is also exerted. Since the 10th Bhava is but the 4th from the 7th, it indicates the happiness factor in the marriage which is basically governed by the status of the spouse and his/ her performance in the realm of work. These are harsh realities and sometimes we tend to confuse this with the realism of the partner; this is not so. This is just the structure of reality interplay that humanity has been presented with.
In the same context, it can be appreciated that those with Sagittarius/ Dhanu rising in the Lagna/ Ascendant or with the Moon posited in this sign or with the Arudha Lagna occupying this Rashi, the native may be required to put in long hours at work. This may or may not be read conjointly with the recessionary trend in the markets; the reports of a quick recovery have come and gone but the actual situation in the market remains by and large the same.
Saturn does not like youngsters and young reactions. He likes sustained neutrality. One must consider the situation neutrally and learn to accept where something is to be accepted and wait for the correct time to act or react or be proactive. Do not throw away what you have in haste. Correctness of the decisions will depend on the Lagna, the Lagna Lord and the grace of Guru/ Jupiter.
Chant Hare Rama Krishna if one is to feel better about the authenticity of one’s thinking. This will cleanse the Paka, the Surya Lagna and Chandra Rashi. Why must one put in long hours or be compelled to do what feels like hard labour in the context of this Gochar? The reason is that the 10th Bhava and the Grahas posited therein have Virodha Argala on the Lagna and obstruct or attempt to obstruct the Argala of the 4th Bhava on the Lagna. While the 4th is home, rest and cure, the 10th is rising, work and office. One can only be at one of these places at a given time. If Saturn prevails in the 10th House transit then one may not be able to rest the self (Lagna) and instead appease the requirements of hard work or office or the boss etc.
Saturn in the 10th House also aspects the 7th Bhava with Graha Drishti/ planetary sight and so will also abet stresses and fissures in the marriage or intimate relationships.
The 10th House is the strongest house in terms of Bhava Bala and has Dhana Argala on the 9th Bhava of Dharma and luck. Malefic actions will actually spoil Dharma. Dharma, in turn, is also not easy to either decipher or fathom. It can be taken to simply mean religiosity, or faith, or devotion. The best contextual interpretation of the term is ‘righteous or correct conduct’ or the ‘right path’. What is right or correct or what is good is an ethical conundrum. What must one follow. One does not pretend to have answers to these questions and one believes each has their individual Dharma to follow.
Jyotish can give us some hints in this regard. The Karaka for the 9th and the 10th Houses is Sun/ Surya, the glorious Graha representative of Agni and Bhagwan Shri Rama. The Sun, save for the Darapada/ A7 where He is apt to sleep with shadowy characters, is profound, rich, upright, full of brilliance, rays, Dharma, power, Agni, authority, Kingship, solitary majesty and other such incredible and stalwart qualities and indications. It should follow that malefic indications that beset the 10th House without any concealed complexity that might point at some even more tremendous achievement after trials, cannot be good for Dharma since it will not sustain it or make one compromise on values that one must not, keeping one’s own life path only in mind.
Likewise, deviance and malefic attributes in the 9th House can badly dissipate the Karma unless the Argala to the 10th House from the 11th from Lagna is both better and stronger. In other words, the person may expend resources on blind Adharma if the 9th House is afflicted. Thus for those interested in their personal metaphysics, be careful of your actions lest they take you astray from the best path for you in this lifetime, during this transit. This is a rather drastic warning for the Gochar and will not be needed in this transit unless some such suspicions lurk in the Rashi Chakra as well.
Remember, you are the Archer carrying all the active duties of Guru; your arrows have divine strength and purpose because Sagittarius is the half archer, half horse, the Moolatrikona of Guru. The 10th House also has Pradhan Labh Argala on the 12th Bhava of meditation, surrender and the Ashram. The work we do contributes to these facets of connecting with the unseen source of all creation. Karma in the 10th House is more than just the job. The job and daily work is in fact judged from the 6th Bhava from the Lagna and it is the 10th Bhava of high noon which shows what we are known for in work and where we shine.
For this reason amongst others the 10th Bhava is known as Svarga/ Heaven and the Dashamsha Chakra/ D-10 chart derived from the 10th division of the Rashi is known as Svargamsha. Thus it is also through Karma Yoga that one can progress on the path of release, knowing and Moksha as this has Labh Argala on the 12th House. The 10th House is also the area through which the Pitris/ ancestors are propitiated and if Saturn associates with the Sun or the Moon or with the Nodes then Pitri Dosha is formed.
Tarpan is to be performed as per standard ritual and if Saturn is transiting the 10th House in such horoscopes where the native is spiritually inclined then austerity could be used as an avenue to tap into solitary meditation.

Capricorn: For Makar Rashi as well, the going has been somewhat turbulent because of the transit of Saturn in Leo which is the 8th Bhava from Makar. Though Shani is the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for the 8th House, destruction of the old and the bringing of the new, its aspect to the 10th House from the 8th is causative of Kantak Shani. In many ways when Shani is in the 10th Bhava itself the person is confronted with the direct and stout presence of onerous Karma while when the Graha Drishti comes from the 8th House there is another Karmic self in the picture that seen from the 8th Bhava of Nija Dosha. The difference here is that Saturn makes the native slog through obstacles and other undesirables, palpably with a view to alter the acting self of the native.
However, these matters are all past as Shani has now moved to Kanya and thus to the 9th House in transit. This is also not an excellent transit placement and relations with the Guru, father and Dharmic participation in general could be stressed. This however should be better judged from the Pitri Pada/ A9, the Arudha Pada for the father and Guru Pada, the Arudha Pada of the 9th House when reckoned from the planet Jupiter. Some quite notable events can be understood when these junctions are studied with reference to the prevailing Mahadasha/Antardasha and in other esoteric techniques such as that of the Tithi Pravesha Chakra taught by Pt. Sanjay Rath.
These matters of the 9th House can also be additionally understood from the fact that Rahu has its Marana Karaka Sthana placement in the 9th Bhava from the Lagna. We must not have rigid views about any Graha but in some matters some Grahas are best excluded. Dharma is one such matter where malefic planets and their significations are best avoided. This is also true with respect to the element of Bhagya/ luck gauged from the 9th House. Any malefic, even a malefic of Sura group like Mangal damages the element of luck or Bhagya in the 9th Bhava from the Lagna. Let alone a Graha, even a malefic sign in the 9th Bhava tends to damage the element of luck. One important conclusion to be drawn from this is that signs are also to be treated akin to ‘bodies’ or ‘entities’ qua Argala and other matters as they have their inanimate worlds that they bring with themselves.
In the immediate context of Makar Rashi/ Lagna/ Arudha Lagna this is important because the Guru Chandala Yoga has in fact been plaguing the sign for some time. Rahu shows some boundless thinking, experimentation and research. In the context of science it is an excellent planet. For ambition and understanding and perpetrating Koota Niti, planning, scheming, espionage, it is the Karaka and these matters cannot be given effect to in Creation without Rahu.
In the world of striving and attainment and competition, Rahu well-placed from the Lagna and the Arudha Lagna is a sheer blessing. However, there are life areas and Grahas with whom a direct association of Rahu cannot be good because of the nature of the Grahas involved. The Guru Chandala Yoga is one such Dosha where the unhindered grace of Guru is combined with the harsh hedonistic tendencies of Rahu. This clash that constitutes the Yoga is so terrible that it indicates murder in the sign where it happens. In transit, such horrible results are not to be implied but the general problems with values and ethics have shown themselves in the past few months due to the unfortunate conjunction.
The Guru Chandala Yoga has been in Makar Rashi and so ethical and moral confusion, doubt and trying to fathom the right path have occupied such persons. Now, with Shani in the 9th House this could heighten and such persons ought to use any resource available to attempt to do the right thing at the present times.
When the Paka Lagna is afflicted or the Atmakaraka in the radix has Tamasic influences, the native may not be sure about the ethics he is to follow or may ignore this and this is more likely to manifest in times like these. While Saturn is going to be in the 9th House for some time, Guru will move to Kumbha in December and till then the natives of Makar Rashi would be well-advised to worship deities for illumination.

Aquarius: Kumbha Rashi is a vast sign and is indicated by a pitcher showing values of a broad base and imbibing the democratic sentiment. Afflicted, it can also be a diabolical sign due to the lordship of Rahu and also being the natural Badhak Sthana in the zodiac being the 11th Bhava from the Char/ movable Mesha Lagna of the Kalapurusha.
Saturn has now moved to the 8th Bhava from Kumbha Rashi and thus forms Kantak Shani aspecting the 10th House therefrom with Graha Drishti. The 10th House from the Moon in the radix has a special role to play and this can only be overlooked at the cost of accuracy and depth of understanding. Since the Moon and the Arudha Padas tell us thinks relating to society and finances, the 10th House from the Moon shows the social support in the work of the native. If this Bhava is well-fortified in the Rashi Chakra then the person is given opportunities in work by the people around him, associates, and networks. This has to be distinguished from the resources given by the Sun. The 10th House from the Moon thus relates to tapping the networking and opportunities pool of the person and if this is good then the person has the lucky trait of being in contact with people who provide him with opportunities to work and to garner the resources of the Sun.
As Saturn is now aspecting this area with Graha Drishti the basic strength, Argala and activation through Dasha of this Bhava in the Rashi Chakra will largely determine the nature of Saturn’s transit and its impact. As stated for the other Rashis, the Sri Rudra Chamakam is recommended for any trials that might be faced. The Guru Chandala Yoga in the 12th Bhava from the Rashi is also not helping and might make for either undesirable expenses if it occurs from the Arudha Lagna or disturbed sleep if it occurs from the Lagna or the Moon.
From December onwards though this Rashi could benefit greatly as Guru will enter the sign and it is considered akin to exaltation in Kumbha Rashi. The mind would then expand with the benefic grace of Guru and wealth, wisdom and peace would come to the people with this Chandra Rashi.

Pisces: This sign has Shani in the 7th Bhava now and those with vulnerable Upapada Lagna should be careful of forging marital alliances. Proper consideration should be accorded to the horoscopes for matching. Shani otherwise has Digbala in the 7th House and focuses desires. Contrary to popular belief, Shani is interested in quick appeasement of desires and it is often found that people with Shani in the 7th House get married quickly and early.


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