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At the stroke of midnight on December 31, 2008, the Gregorian calendar will herald the New Year. The chart with the basic details is given below for ready reference:

2009 Gregorian Entry Chart

Natal Chart

Date:          January 1, 2009
Time:          12:00:01 am
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         77 E 12' 00", 28 N 36' 00"
               New Delhi, India
Altitude:      0.00 meters

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Sarva-dhari - Pushya
Tithi:         Sukla Chaturthi (Me) (12.52% left)
Vedic Weekday: Wednesday (Me)
Nakshatra:     Dhanishtha (Ma) (27.62% left)
Yoga:          Vajra (Mo) (3.98% left)
Karana:        Vishti (Sa) (25.04% left)
Hora Lord:     Saturn (5 min sign: Vi)
Mahakala Hora: Jupiter (5 min sign: Cn)
Kaala Lord:    Jupiter (Mahakala: Mercury)

Sunrise:       7:17:57 am (December 31)
Sunset:        5:30:46 pm (December 31)
Janma Ghatis:  41.7527

Ayanamsa:      23-59-10.65
Sidereal Time: 6:21:02

Body                Longitude        Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa

Lagna               10 Vi 38' 53.32" Hast      1    Vi   Ar
Sun - AmK           16 Sg 29' 09.38" PSha      1    Sg   Le
Moon - DK            2 Aq 59' 00.77" Dhan      3    Aq   Li
Mars - MK            9 Sg 22' 19.84" Mool      3    Sg   Ge
Mercury - PiK        5 Cp 12' 00.17" USha      3    Cp   Aq
Jupiter - PK         4 Cp 53' 33.66" USha      3    Cp   Aq
Venus - GK           3 Aq 00' 58.41" Dhan      3    Aq   Li
Saturn (R) - AK     27 Le 46' 50.29" UPha      1    Le   Sg
Rahu - BK           16 Cp 59' 18.90" Srav      3    Cp   Ge
Ketu                16 Cn 59' 18.90" Asre      1    Cn   Sg
Maandi              11 Sc 51' 45.11" Anu       3    Sc   Li
Gulika               0 Sc 49' 08.39" Visa      4    Sc   Cn
Uranus              25 Aq 14' 50.89" PBha      2    Aq   Ta
Neptune             28 Cp 26' 40.48" Dhan      2    Cp   Vi
Pluto                7 Sg 16' 06.64" Mool      3    Sg   Ge
Bhava Lagna         26 Le 17' 32.62" PPha      4    Le   Sc
Hora Lagna           6 Ta 48' 30.00" Krit      4    Ta   Pi
Ghati Lagna          8 Ge 21' 22.16" Ardr      1    Ge   Sg
Vighati Lagna       16 Sc 05' 42.96" Anu       4    Sc   Sc
Varnada Lagna       10 Li 38' 53.32" Aswi      1    Li   Pi
Sree Lagna           1 Ge 12' 14.08" Mrig      3    Ge   Li
Pranapada Lagna     16 Pi 48' 17.11" Reva      1    Pi   Sg
Indu Lagna           2 Cp 59' 00.77" USha      2    Cp   Cp
Dhooma              29 Ar 49' 09.38" Krit      1    Ar   Sg
Vyatipata            0 Pi 10' 50.62" PBha      4    Pi   Cn
Parivesha            0 Vi 10' 50.62" UPha      2    Vi   Cp
Indra Chapa         29 Li 49' 09.38" Visa      3    Li   Ge
Upaketu             16 Sc 29' 09.38" Anu       4    Sc   Sc
Kaala               27 Ge 28' 23.99" Puna      3    Ge   Ge
Mrityu              11 Le 52' 55.98" Magh      4    Le   Cn
Artha Prahara        4 Vi 37' 45.85" UPha      3    Vi   Aq
Yama Ghantaka       27 Vi 24' 32.37" Chit      2    Vi   Vi
Prana Sphuta        24 Cp 03' 34.99" Dhan      1    Cp   Le
Deha Sphuta         24 Cn 41' 14.55" Asre      3    Cn   Aq
Mrityu Sphuta       22 Cp 13' 08.14" Srav      4    Cp   Cn
Sookshma TriSphuta  10 Pi 57' 57.68" UBha      3    Pi   Li
TriSphuta           14 Aq 27' 02.48" Sata      3    Aq   Aq
ChatusSphuta         0 Sc 56' 11.86" Visa      4    Sc   Cn
PanchaSphuta        17 Le 55' 30.76" PPha      2    Le   Vi
V2                  10 Cp 38' 53.32" Aswi      1    Cp   Ge
V3                  10 Aq 38' 53.32" Aswi      1    Aq   Sc
V4                  10 Ta 38' 53.32" Aswi      1    Ta   Li
V5                  10 Ge 38' 53.32" Aswi      1    Ge   Cn
V6                  10 Vi 38' 53.32" Aswi      1    Vi   Aq
V7                  10 Li 38' 53.32" Aswi      1    Li   Pi
V8                  10 Cp 38' 53.32" Aswi      1    Cp   Aq
V9                  10 Aq 38' 53.32" Aswi      1    Aq   Cn
V10                 10 Ta 38' 53.32" Aswi      1    Ta   Li
V11                 10 Ge 38' 53.32" Aswi      1    Ge   Sc
V12                 10 Vi 38' 53.32" Aswi      1    Vi   Ge
Kunda               22 Ta 29' 58.88" Rohi      4    Ta   Cn

| \                   /   \                   / |
|   \               /       \      SaR      /   |
|     \           /           \           /     |
|       \       /               \       /       |
|         \   /                   \   /         |
|Md   Gk    x          As           x       Ke  |
|         /   \                   /   \         |
|       /       \               /       \       |
|     /           \           /           \     |
|   /      Ma       \   6   /               \   |
| /                   \   /                   \ |
|          Su           x          GL           |
| \                   /   \                   / |
|   \               /       \               /   |
|     \           /           \           /     |
|       \       /               \       /       |
|Ra       \   /                   \   /         |
|Me   Ju    x                       x  AL   HL  |
|         /   \                   /   \         |
|       /       \               /       \       |
|     /           \           /           \     |
|   /      Mo       \       /               \   |
| /     Ve            \   /                   \ |

Though in Jyotish, the Chaitra Shukla Paksha chart is used for the Hindu new year let us work with this Rashi chart  or basic diagram as the backdrop for the reference and understanding of the universal reader.

Virgo Ascendant rises at New Delhi which is of course the sign ruling New Delhi and can indicate important events for the Indian capital. These may not be the best sort of events as the Badhak for the Lagna is associated with the Lagna Lord in Guru Chandala Yoga and the Badhak Guru is also debilitated. There is the possibility of inner political turmoil in Delhi ministerial positions, intrigue and betrayal. Power Play is likely to occupy centre-stage. This is also dominant because Virgo/ Kanya Lagna rising is also the 5th Bhava/ House in the chart of Independent India.

The public sentiment is also somewhat incensed after the happenings of the recent past and this too is indicated by the Yoga of Mangal and Surya being the malefic 3rd and 8th Lord and 12th Lords respectively. Both planets are at minimum Digbala/ directional strength showing that the unrest and disappointment with political figures is due to their lack of political firmness, authority and direction and perhaps lack of appropriate measures to inflict Danda/ punishment on the wrong doers.

There is a diplomatic and social rage that will work to evaluate and deal with those inimical to India's interests and directly causative of loss of innocent lives. There is a Rudra Yoga in the 6th Bhava of enemies. The enemy itself/ or those misguided are not strong even though they are belligerent shown by the fiery Sun and Mars in the Shatrupada/ A6 in the 4th House. The enemy has infiltrated the public and is not identifiable easily. The enemy will surely be defeated as two outright benefics tenant the 3rd Bhava from the A6 and the benefic Taurus tenants the 6th Bhava from the A6.

The Arudha Lagna coincides with Taurus, the Lagna of India and it does show that India's policies will bring it to the forefront of global thought and its centre-stage.


Since Virgo/ Kanya is the Lagna/ Ascendant rising in the chart we are using let us start our discussions with Kanya Rashi and other reference points of horoscopy located in this sign in your nativities.

Kanya Chandra Rashi/ Moon sign, that is, nativities for whom the natal Moon is placed in Virgo are sort of going through what in popular parlance might be called a double whammy.

Saturn, the Lord God of Karma is transiting the 12th House from Virgo Moon and thus these natives have been going through their Sade-Satis. Often, in this first phase of 2 and 1/2 years, some detail about their personal life is made public and that is never very comfortable. In some cases this could extend to an aspersion on the character of the native. Of course whether there is any truth to any of this would depend on the nativity and the various charts but such conversations and other Mayik events abound.

Saturn will move to Virgo on September 9, 2009 and then it would be a difficult phase for those with either Virgo Moon and Lagna both or Libra Moon and Virgo Lagna or Leo Moon and Virgo Lagna etc. In the Lagna, Shani can trouble those with errant health and the Kala Bhairava Mantra is recommended for Gochar Lagna Shuddhi or some sort of protection from the Vata dominated Graha in the house/ Bhava of self. From the Lagna, Shani casts one of His famous aspects to the 10th House, called the Latta/ The Kick where the native does not feel optimum about the performance of his professional commitments or work obligations.

Not all phases of the Sade-Sati are equally testing, if at all, and the middle phase as a thumb rule is considered to be the most testing. One would do well to consult Jyotishis if the going gets tough, and would also do well to test the Bhava strength where  Shani is transiting in accordance with the principles of the Sarvashtakavarga.

If the sign Virgo is also the Arudha Lagna in such a nativity, or any nativity, the social and financial aspects will be hit. One's standing in the world of appearance is adversely effected. For those who feel uncomfortable about terminology such as Arudha Lagna, Pada, Upapada, Rashi Drishti etc kindly appreciate that it could hardly be Parashara's fault that Jyotishis and enthusiasts would only selectively read his celebrated BPHS and then feign ignorance about a bulk of the immortal classic itself. All this is but the heart of classical Hindu Jyotish and do not share the misfortune of ignorance of those who practice some kind of a pop-astrology available in sub-standard primers. In this context, ignorance is certainly not bliss.

Very well then, that part ought to be clear.

Now generally speaking, and this has been said elsewhere at this website, the debility of Guru in Makar at the present time does not augur too well for the value system. However, there is a suggestion here. Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by the energy of a Graha, especially in its Vimshottari Mahadasha since this is predominantly mind-centric. This overwhelming is not good. Even for an outright benefic Graha like Guru, a lack of balance can imbalance the native. Just like if we are not careful the mad ambitions of Rahu can drive us into an unseeing spiral. For those with very powerful Brihaspati  in the radix, this transit debility, and more so for those in the Mahadasha of such a powerful planet, can open up another way of looking at values and moral constructs. One needs to be careful here and this last is only for a select band who adhere too much to the dictates of any one Graha.

The question of metaphysical ethics is an involved one and what is truly Good and what is truly Bad devoid of soci0-legal and moral codes of a given time, is a thorny question to answer. Keeping that in view, the financial windfalls associated with both exalted and debilitated planets and also for the select minority who are governed by the Sattwa of Guru, this could be a new time of appraisal.

Otherwise, debility of the Karaka for wealth may stress finances. Clearly, diametrically distant results are possible based on the peculiarities of the nativity in question based on the fallouts of Jupiter in Capricorn/ Guru in Makar.

For Kanya Lagna, Guru is the 7th Lord and its debility especially as the Dashanath could stress personal interactions, partnerships and marriage depending on the Karaka for each of these.

For Simha/ Leo, Shani transits the Lagna itself and once again the Kala Bhairava Mantra or the more readily practicable Batuk Bhairava Mantra is useful for depleting the Vata and negativity caused by the transit of Saturn in the Lagna. For Simha Rashi natives of course this is a time for Sade-Sati and even when Saturn enters Virgo only the final leg of this long transit will begin putting the impact directly on Kutumba/ family and finances or liquid assets.

One has found that conventional transit results of planets are diluted and can only deliver what the natal charts promise, and that too when coupled with Dasha effects and as Dasha Lords. Saturn is a notable exception as too is the Nodal return, when the nodes transit over themselves in the Rashi Chart in any given horoscope.

As has been stated before on previous occasions, a more practical and accurate methodology for transits is to use them as advised in the Nadi literature qua the Arudha Pada and especially with reference to the Sun and the Moon, the two luminaries. They can indicate the resources and fructification respectively of life areas indicated by the relevant Arudhas in accordance with the principles advised elsewhere on this website. Do look around.

As Guru is Neecha in the 6th Bhava from Simha Lagna and that too in Guru-Chandala Yoga, those with weak Jupiter in the radix and/ or and overly dominant Rahu may find words of Gurus hitherto quite readily acceptable as diminishing in authenticity. Guard against such a disadvantage with appropriate Mantras.

For Karka Lagna, the inexplicable Ketu transits the Lagna and the devious Rahu transits the 7th House. If Karmic events are indicated by the nodes, such Jatak should be careful especially if Moon is in Lagna or otherwise they have Sade-Sati operating in the horoscope. Transit Jupiter in debilitation in the 7th House also does not aid matters. Saturn for Cancer Lagna is in the 2nd Bhava and only when it moves to Virgo can they feel the much awaited surge in Parakrama and drive provided the Chandra Rashi does not continue to be afflicted with the continuing transit of Saturn.

For Mithun Rashi natives, the end of the Sade-Sati with Shani moving to Simha has certainly brought emotional, social and financial relief; financially more so if the Arudha Lagna was also impacted by such transit. The transit of Shani in the 3rd Bhava is good and when it does move to Virgo, its 7th Bhava Graha Drishti or planetary aspect is not considered to be overly detrimental to the skill structures in work. These results would of course apply with great effect to the Mithun Arudha Lagna. While judging the Arudha Lagna, the Jyotish readers are advised to keep in mind the 7th therefrom which is in many ways more important than the Arudha itself. The 7th is the Dwara or the door from which the Arudha or the manifest image of the person emerges into the manifest world.

If this 7th should be stronger by virtue of more Grahas then at some point in life this 7th will effectively become the Arudha. If the lord of the original Arudha happens to be posited here then there is no question of changing: the 7th must be considered to be the original Arudha. So Gochar would be considered from the stronger between the Arudha and the 7th as the case may be.

For Mithun Arudha, the 2nd and the 8th Houses are afflicted in transit by Kemadruma Yoga of the nodes and if such a Yoga is present in the natal chart aspected by the Moon with Rashi Drishti then the Gochar may deliver some of the stressful results in the realm of finances. Personal interaction might become abrasive for some time due to the fact that the fiery Mars and Sun transit through the 7th House.

For Mithun Lagna, Venus is in Aquarius in the early part of the year and that is a quite favourable transit as Venus is an excellent planet for the Lagna. For those running the Vimshottari Dasha or Antardasha of Venus this is a good thing and will bring favourable events to fruition.

For Taurus Rashi/ Vrishabh, things have moved on since the Sade-Sati on the Rashi though Shani is now in the 4th Bhava. There is not much that is conspicuous that is happening with regard to the transit of Saturn qua this Rashi. The transit of the nodes is in the 3rd and the 9th Bhavas and with Guru there as well these Bhavas are activated. For Taurus Arudha Lagna in 2009, this promises to be a conspicuous year because although Jupiter is an exception and does not do well in the 9th Bhava from the AL due to the Tamas Guna of competition, its transit debilitation might take away from that. Rahu thrives in the 9th Bhava from the AL but the Guru-Chandala Yoga in the 9th Bhava from the AL might tempt the Vrishabh Arudha to resort to means that are not entirely justified in accepted frameworks to further their social, financial and manifest ends.

In any event, this is likely to be a quite visible and notable year for the Taurus Arudha due to the Grahas in the 9th Bhava; the only cautionary note is that they must themselves judge the acceptability and validity of what they are going in the world of status and ambition.

As a side observation it is also apt to mention that just as Mangal and Surya transit the 8th Bhava for the Vrishabh Lagna and can test the marital bond, for those with the Upapada (UL) in Karka, which is saying the relevant Upapada in Karka, and if that Upapada is natally stressed qua the longevity of that marriage need to take up fasting on the appropriate day/ Vara as Shani transiting either the UL or the 2nd Bhava from the UL is not good for marital life or for those on the verge of getting married. These blemishes and temporary trials can be assuaged through Sattwic remedial measures and might be tried by those likewise inclined.

For those Mesha Lagna/ Aries Ascendant rising natives running favourable periods and those for whom it is accompanied with major Rajayoga, the year may start with a financial windfall as the Vahan Yoga of Shukra and Chandra tenants the 11th Bhava/ Labh Sthana from the Lagna. This might be either accompanied with or for those not running such a good time in the horoscope, the trines being occupied by the malefic Mars and Sun on the one hand and Saturn on the other.

The Mesha Lagna natives may want to avoid negative or depressed thoughts as Shani is in the 5th Bhava from the Lagna.

As for the natives with Mesha Rashi and Mesha Arudha Lagna, the transits of both Shani and Guru are not in the sensitive areas save for the fact that there is Gochar Guru-Chandala Yoga in the 10th Bhava from Mesha which will subsist. The natives may ensure that their actions in the realm of work are not susceptible to shock, lying and deceit and that their own professional conduct and exercise of professional skill is devoid of negatives.

For those Tula Lagna natives, for whom either the natal Moon is badly placed or there is affliction to the 4th House or the 4th Lord, the year may start with some emotional turmoil and a sense of deceit having had the better of them. This is due to the Guru-Chandala Yoga in the 4th Bhava from the Lagna. Some who are aspiring for higher studies and are into doctoral research and theses it could be a time to utilize the tremendous resource pool of material at their disposal. Conventional modes of academic pursuit are not advised but with an experimental attitude a lot can be achieved. The resources of Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu are all at one's disposal.

There is no dearth of Parakrama or drive as well at the commencement of the year since two natural malefic planets, the Sun and Mars and placed in the 3rd Bhava from the Lagna. For those with Dhana Yoga the year could be beginning with a windfall as Shukra the Lagna Lord and Chandra unite in the 5th Bhava, a Lakshmi Sthana and the house of the future and new beginnings. Shani, the great malefic tenants the 11th Bhava from the Lagna and again malefics in Upachaya Bhavas are preferred for material success. There could be issues relating to health, blood pressure and melancholy at the commencement because there is Rudra Yoga formed between Shukra and Chandra and Shani aspects the two as well with Graha Drishti.  Those with an afflicted Lagna, or Paka Lagna in the radix would do well to look out for symptoms related to health problems. Shani is aspecting the Lagna with Graha Drishti and it would be a good idea to dispel Vata rooted negativity. For Tula Lagna, Rashi and Arudha, the Gochar of Shani is favourable.


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