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|Om Shreenivasaya Namah|

Doubt and fear are the Naisargika Karakattwa/ natural significations of the planet Saturn/ Shani. Suppose one has been chosen by existence to transmute the base matter of the personality into Alchemists’ Gold, and suppose further that Jyotish/ Hindu Esoteric Astrology is the means to effect such a transformation, then base matter (Shani) feels many strenuous pushes and pulls while the great transformation occurs.

These pushes and pulls, stresses and life-threatening experiences can be generalized into doubts, fears and superstitions for the purposes at hand. Some of my thoughts on these aspects are recorded in my research paper ‘Traversing the Monomyth With Vedic Astrology’, put up elsewhere on this site for the benefit of readers and consulters.

The points is whether the stresses visit through a phenomenon like the Sade-Sati or through a pressing Mahadasha in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme, the mind (Moon) and intellect (Dhi Shakti, seen from the Rashi placement of the Lagna Lord, also called the Paka Lagna), the end result is the process of churning where the mind succumbs to fear, doubt, anxiety and superstition. One can be so scared that in order to effectively counter the severe conventional negativities that are visiting the impressionable mind and the personal intellect, one devises irrational means such as avoiding certain colours or people, or not doing important works on certain days.

Doubtlessly, these irrationalities are very much a part of Jyotish but the validity or otherwise of these practices depend entirely on whether they are sanctioned by the Shastra or whether they make astrological sense. In the periods overwhelmed by Saturn, these can take on unreasonable proportions. The most commonly confused aspect is that of colours: people eschew certain colours, especially those associated with Saturn and the Nodes in such times.
These colours need not be bad for the person. The source justification and significance of colours is manifold. One way to understand them is through the preferred shades of the Grahas, animate energies, and often indicating people. Therefore, isolating the colours a Graha likes can appease that planet. On the other hand, Rashis are also associated with colours and if one is to tap into inanimate source pools for one’s benefits, this aspect could be worked on.

As is always the case, the requirements of colours must always be tested against the situation obtaining from the Arudha Lagna. Just validity or want of it when seen from the Lagna will not suffice. Shade selection can work has heightening auspicious energies in the chart. In one’s own view this can be of special relevance when the chart is not labouring under an active Curse and the Yogas and Grahas are capable of yielding the results that they are capable of in the chart.

Astrological metaphysics and philosophy can become focal while dealing with such aspects for only through education and instruction stemming from this wisdom pool can one know what is legitimate and beneficial and can justifiably be strengthened without damaging health, longevity and burning out seemingly lavish resources too fast.

Specific opinion can be sought on this important aspect while availing of major consultancy and if the chart conditions permit these colour selections, devoid of needless phobia can trigger Rajayoga and other auspicious tidings in the horoscope.

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