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Something begins to dip out of view. It had covered everything like a damp blanket, suffusing everything with dread, fear, humiliation and misery. These were the strands of that which covered, its destined fabric, never to be altered. But like all rules this too had exceptions, and for some the gray blanket protected from the cold of poverty and inflicted the grossness of concrete matter on others who were meant to be strangers to the fabric, at least relatively.

It began to dip out of view. Only because of the hope that the Sun shone outside the squat world, where aesthetics and pleasure existed and that there were links with this glorious Sun, deeper than those with transient loss, was this dipping a real anticipation.

Sometimes, unless inevitability hits hard, flattens the animal, divinity cannot manifest and the incarnate soul cannot remember its union with That. Upanishads say 'Thou Art That'. It appears to be another of those empty shells unless every particle of existence works together to have Truth exposed.

Everywhere, truth takes different vehicles to travel but it is the same truth.

Locked behind closed skies lie plans that have chalked out destinies to the last detail. The skies open only so much to one in a given incarnation. Even miracles get repetitive. Manifestations of The Power are so vastly different in their scope, and yet they are only limbs that precipitate lives, apportioning to themselves means in tune with their own fabrics, some damp and suffocating and others suffused with a clear light.

The Grahas speak a language that cannot be denied. Some say the planetary energies are Karma set in stone and have no life of their own. They are Gods that respond to prayer. They are alive. They may be someone's angels, another's ideas and a third's fantasy. Their existence and will is the tapestry of Jyotish.

If you can identify an energy, you can work with it, adhere to its world and it will propel you onwards. Benefic powers do so in pleasant ways while the conventionally hurtful powers will never let you ignore them. Perhaps you asked to be confined so that what exists outside could mean what you always wanted into mean, through all those lifetimes and incarnations. Identification and awareness are the fruits of penance.

Happiness is allowed in Ishwar's world. Celebration and participation are jewels of the deity. Till the pores open, certain foods may be forbidden, certain fears might beset the mind. Prayer and chants are but condensed awareness, left behind for us to reach centers that appear otherwise inaccessible. If awareness has become friendly to the physical vulnerability called 'I', everything is capable of being offered as sacrifice to the Gods.

Judgment of the world is impossible. We must pick and choose in daily life, in politics, in everything, but this choice is not one made by the ultimate power, in its own metaphysic. It is only our own incarnate nature and we can follow it with ease. All we have to see is the plan behind our choices, the light that illuminates the play. Dogs are faithful and scorpions sting.

Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Nodes are Karma but not only past Karma. It is the present and the future that they influence too. They are not external to us; only the movements of their gross physical manifestations are used to judge their impact within us. The mystic Grahas are who we are. We are more, transcending Karma, but keeping the nature of life in mind, our absolute natures, and that of the absolute power are best viewed with a humble lens. Else, we shed blood.

That something begins to dip out of view is an occult suggestion. That a great, wonderful light arrived is a matter of experience that was echoed and mirrored in the same occult. Technically the two ways are the same. Look at either or both. Reality is only one.

In another continent, someone looks at an animal's entrails to See, in another continent someone embraces rationality to Find, in yet another someone studies planetary patterns to Unravel the mystery just to walk the destined path with insight and understanding. Nothing is excluded from Brahman. Ignorance and a veiling of truth are as dear to that neutral force as are wisdom and awareness.

If you can bring light to matter, you can enlighten it. This is what it means. Matter is already with light; its divinity is to be arrived at through a shifting of focus. This is traversing the Path. Can you do as you please with the world ruled by Power! If you feel you can, it is a delusion aided by forces that foster a feeling of unaccountability and freedom. It is not true. Later, something will bring such a phase to your attention. Yet, you can do anything, provided you see it all as it is, the will of something none have understood enough to explain.

Between the arrival of the Balm and the anticipated dipping out of Inflexibility, there were forces that swore to their occult counterparts that they would do as they promised. They did it too. This does not always conform to the desires of the Mayik Mind, the significator of surface gloss, of the Arudha world. 'Is it enough? Is that it? All? That's what the fuss was about?' These are advanced dissatisfactions of the emotional perception. Otherwise, its pet is, 'How can it be?' even though it happens continually that Brahman exposes itself daily, time and time again, through conforming to occult anticipations too, just to seal the issue. Still, ' How can it be?' does not let up. Why should it! If everyone saw through it, the planet would dry up. Delusion, defeat and doubt move us to seek, turn us away, and the play goes on.

Do not worry about the Pathfinder or about possible housing on an inhabited planet. A planet is distinct from a Graha. A Graha exists within you. Its gross counterpart exists outside. Discovering possibilities of life on planet Mars is important for the physical world, as is all science and all modern medicine. Understanding the astrological Mars is important for the spiritual world so that exploration of the red planet can be welcomed.

For one who says, ' Forget this hocus pocus nonsense. I set out to accomplish something and I did it. What is destiny?', check his Upachaya houses from Lagna and Arudha Lagna and if there are materialistic forces there. Saying this does not disqualify from a future volte-face. Dashas can make for the experience where people say, 'Oh! He's changed completely!'

The individual is all-powerful but existence is larger. The value of matter and material success lies in its spiritual nature. If you look at occult conclusions or themes with the eye of the mind, and this is inevitable, they may disappoint you since they will not confirm. Even if they do, the mind may reject the attainment. If occult possibilities are watched, as if from a distance, while the individual participates vigorously in the world, they would be identical with the nature of incarnate being and will illuminate. Surrender is the initial condition. If the occult is seen with the eyes of hysterical wanting, it will defeat the essence. This does not disapprove of hope. Hope wildly. There is such joy in wanting better. But the spirit is neither joyous nor tragic. It just is. It will not conform to emotion. Emotion must align itself with it.

Something is witness to a leaving, and also, perhaps, to an arriving. It could also be an effective cause for the journey. At the very least, it is the workman tirelessly working with the tar, preparing the road in damp seclusion, or the blazing fire of the Sun. Acquaintance with this man is knowledge of his suffering. He is Everyman and suffering is a necessary condition of the world. The Mayik Mind is hurt by the suffering, smothered, smashed, and altered when it would rather embrace the lovely Rohini. Period.

Suffering does not concern itself with the simultaneous existence of a deep, eternal and indefatigable joy. That joy cannot diminish the working of pain. Both are totally distinct and yet spring from the same source. At this source, they are identical. There is a schizophrenia in this splitting of that which is One but this illness is the blessing that will first fragment, break down, kill and then create the Whole anew. Grahas are fragments but they render the fullness visible. The extent of this is so complete that Jyotishis work with these fragments perpetually to determine the workings of the Power. Ways must be found to retain freshness. Perhaps glancing at others? magic will help.


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